Buy political party in Ukraine

Cost of services

from 50000 EUR
A ready-made political party with our verification
from 2500 UAH
Consultation of a lawyer on the purchase of a political party
6000 EUR
Re-registration of a party bought from another seller
Buy political party in Ukraine
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What we offer

  • select the best option for a political party (name, address, cells);

Via special arrangement

  • carry out the procedure of complete reregistration;

  • make amendments in constituent documents of the political party (change of address, name);

  • accompany the procedure of obtaining an unprofitability status (subject to changes in address or name of political party).


Documents for obtainment of license

List of documents
Passport details of new owners of political party
Passport details of new owners of political party
Information on new name of a political party (if it changes)
Information on new name of a political party (if it changes)
Information on new address of a political party (if it changes)
Information on new address of a political party (if it changes)
We can provide guarantees that on buying a political party from us you will not expect any surprises. Since all political parties registered by our lawyers are crystal clear and have no history.

Service packages offers

6 000 EUR
  • Carrying out a full procedure for re-registering a political party, which the Client found on his own from another seller
  • Organization of amendments to the documents of a political party
  • Maintenance of the procedure for obtaining non-profit status
  • A guarantee that the renewal procedure will be done within 1.5 months
from 50 000 EUR
  • We search for a political party for the Client from reliable sellers
  • We organize the procedure for the sale of a batch (the Client deals with the re-registration)
  • We check the batch
  • We guarantee that the batch being sold does not have any “surprises”
from 65 000 EUR
  • We select the best batch option from reliable sellers
  • We carry out a batch check
  • We give guarantees that the political party does not have any problems
  • We organize a complete procedure for re-registering a batch
  • We make changes to the party documents
from 2500 UAH
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Consultation on the selection of the best option for a political party
  • Consulting support on the collection of documents and issues of re-registration of a political party
  • Information on how the search and pre-sale check of lots is carried out

Consultation of a lawyer on the purchase of a political party

If You want to buy a political party in Ukraine and You're interested in how the procedure for its re-registration, we recommend contacting our lawyers for an introductory consultation. At such consultation you will get answers to the following questions:

  • How long does it take to re-register a political party?

  • How is the search and verification of ready parties conducted?

  • What documents are needed for the procedure?

  • What will be more profitable in your situation: to register a new party or buy an existing party?

The cost of legal advice – from 2500 UAH. If you buy the party with our specialists, the price of the consultation will be included in the cost of our services.

The cost of services upon purchase of shelf political party depends on:
  • how urgent is it necessary to carry out the reregistration;
  • who will carry out the reregistration of shelf political party (our lawyers or lawyers of the client);
  • how long ago was the political party registered, etc.
We offer shelf political parties from $ 50,000 together with re-registration.

Why us

Re-registration on a “turnkey basis”
Re-registration on a “turnkey basis”
As the need arises, we can take charge of whole reregistration process, from “A” to “Z”.
Our firm does not disclose the confidential data of the registered political party, so you can be sure that you are the first buyer.
The party is ready for work
The party is ready for work
The party is ready for pursuit of activities. It has all filed reports, registered cells, ready stamps and certificates.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

Political party
Registration date: 2015
Place of registration: Kiev
Previous activities: none
Price: 50 000 USD
Political party
Registration date: 2015
Place of registration: Kiev
Previous activities: none
Cost: 50 000 USD

If you reside in Kyiv or have the opportunity to come in order to review the documents of a political party, we offer to hold a meeting in our office. In such case we can provide you with a package of documents concerning this political party for review, give answers to questions of interest in regard to its history, etc.

Please note that we do not provide certificates or names of political parties, which are sold, without putting down a deposit. This is due to the considerable interest from the side of various unscrupulous intermediaries and journalists, which without knowledge of the matter make various conclusions and take steps.

We do not want you to buy political parties that have become the subject of any investigations, television programs, or that are offered for sale on dozens of sites, and so forth.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How is the re-registration of a political party carried out and how much time will it take?

The Client makes an advance payment in an amount equal to 10% from the cost of the political party and following that, we reserve it for him. The reserve is made for the period necessary for settlement of organizational issues, incl. verification of this political party. The final settlement of account takes place after inspection of documents. If the Client is ready to buy a specific political party, then he makes payment immediately, prior to reregistration.

What are the guarantees that a political party, which are sold, has no “surprises”?

On the first hand, all the political parties that we sell were registered by us on our founders and directors exactly for the purpose of their subsequent sale. Accordingly, they were “kept” properly from the very beginning and for sure not carried out any activities. On the second hand, the client has the opportunity to check the political party that he is going to buy. Subsequent to the putting down a deposit by the Client, we provide him with information about this party.

Do political parties have the status of All-Ukrainian parties?

Today, according to the Law “On Political Parties”, they all have the status of all-Ukrainian parties. This means that you can carry out activities throughout Ukraine, regardless of address.

Is it necessary to carry out additional registration of cells, signatures collection or submitting reports after purchasing a party from us?

No. All political parties are registered pursuant to the Law according to the established procedure. They are ready for work and no further actions are required.

At our firm you can buy various political parties that are offered on the market both directly by the owners and by major intermediaries. We can also offer to buy a political party registered exactly by our lawyers.

The cost of political party in Ukraine is individual and depends on its characteristics.

Both entirely new political parties and organizations with an ancient history, parties without local cells, and those that have fully complied with the requirements of the law and registered their representative offices in more than half of the regions of Ukraine are offered for sale. For re-registration of shelf political party for client we need:

  • information on individuals who will be included in the governing bodies of the party;
  • information on legal address of political party;
  • information on necessary changes in the name and program of the party, if any. 

Our team

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