License for resale of electric power (trading activity)

Cost of services

Cost of services:

12 000 UAH
License for resale of electric power (trading license)
from 22 000 UAH
Obtaining a license with the development and verification of the site
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What we offer

  • we provide readiness of all documents required for registration of the license;
  • we develop completely the information for the Client’s website or (if so agreed) prepare independently the website for the license;
  • we pass the documents for the meeting of the licensing authority, and we control getting a positive decision about issue of license;
  • after the decision is taken by the licensing authority about issue of license, we provide for you the actual banking details for payment of license fee;
  • we get a copy of resolution about issue of license and pass it to the Client (if so agreed);
  • we perform the consulting in the matters of getting a license for resale of electric power (trading activity).


List of the documents which are provided by the Client

List of documents
Bank account details
Company contact information

We need the following documents for License for resale of electric power (trading activity):

  • code EDRPOU – is required both for the framing of the treaties for the website and for the preparation of documents for the licensing authority;
  • bank account details - you can submit both a bank statement about opening of account and separately an account number, bank name and MFO;
  • information on the premises (office) where you will carry out trading activity - information about the existing building and premises for clients receiving and servicing: addresses, area (sq. m.), open and closed hours, freehold or leasehold title (lease agreement or ownership certificate)
  • company’s e-mail address as well as phone and fax numbers that clients and partners can use for contact.

License for resale of electric power (trading activity) on a “TURNKEY BASIS”:

  • obtainment of license for the resale of electricity (trading activity);
  • development of website by our specialists;
  • obtainment of the copy of resolution on license issuance.
The cost of License for resale of electric power (trading activity) does not include the sum of a license fee for the issuance of license, which is paid to the state budget in the amount of 2270 UAH.

Why us

We are result-oriented
By signing an agreement on the provision of legal services our firm takes on obligation to lead the Client's case to the obtainment of license. You may rely upon our professionalism and quality of services - as a matter of fact only in the first quarter of the year 2019 our lawyers obtained more than 20 licenses in the sphere of electric utility industry.
We provide services on a “turnkey” basis
The specific feature of this license is the obligatory availability of the company’s website that will comply with the license conditions. We completely take on obligations to ensure not only the readiness of document package, but also the website development starting from the scratch. Therefore, by ordering our service of obtaining a license for the trading activity (resale) concerning the electricity on a “turnkey” basis, you don’t have to worry about receiving confirmation of license issuance for your company (that is often interesting to potential clients and partners) and about developing of website, which is required for the obtainment of license.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Received a license for resale (trading) of electric energy for a foreign firm, who opened a company in Ukraine.
Obtained a license for resale (trading) of electricity for a well-known foreign company to save money due to the new electricity market.

Only an enterprise that purchases electricity for the purpose of reselling it to the other enterprises can be a trader on the electricity market. The legislation prohibits traders from selling electricity to the end users.

Therefore, if you intend to supply electric energy to the end user rather than to the other subjects of the electricity market, then you need to obtain a license for supply of electricity to the consumer.

That is the difference between the license for trading activity (resale) and the license for supply of electricity to the consumer.

One of the requirements, which must be met when obtaining a license for resale of electricity (trading activity), is that the license applicant must have a website that will comply with the licensing requirements.

The absence of website or its non-compliance with the applicable requirements automatically makes it impossible to obtain a license. An additional point is that the availability of a website will be beneficial for the greater recognizability of your enterprise on the electricity market.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is a set form of the license for trading activity (resale of electricity) issued in paper?

Currently the set form of the license in paper is not provided; the series and the license number respectively are not assigned. We are able to obtain a confirmation of granting a license for you in the form of a copy of the resolution of the licensing authority on issuance of license to your company.

Is it possible to order in your firm a service of website development together with the preparation of documents for obtaining a license?

Yes, it is possible, as our firm specializes in provision of full range of services in the process of obtaining a license for trading activity (resale of electricity). To do this, you need to order a service on a “turnkey” basis.

How much time will it take from the licensing authority to review the documents after they are submitted?

The term for making a decision on license issuance is ten business days from the day of receipt of application and a package of documents for obtaining a license by the licensing authority.

Is it necessarily to obtain a license for resale of electricity (trading activity) if I have a license for supply of electricity?

If you have a license for supply of electricity then you can carry out activities on resale of electricity (trading activity) without obtaining a license for trading activity.

How we can we help you with the License for resale of electric power (trading activity) obtainment

If we take on a work, it will be done. We provide you with guarantees of terms, results and budget. Reliability is the basic principle of our work.

Everything is simple and clear with us, we effectively use your and our time.

We hear the Client. And that mean that we will not just focus on one assigned task, but will apply best efforts to understand your key objective and to find the best way to achieve it.

We are your partners forever. Thanks to the complete legal expertise of our lawyers in various fields of law, you do not have to look for contractors for various legal issues - we can solve them ourselves.

It's a pleasure to deal with us, since we behave toward each client as the only one and pay maximum attention to your business and positive feelings.

If You wish to obtain License for resale of electric power (trading activity) fast and easy - call us!

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