License for heat energy supply

Cost of services

Cost of services:

12 000 UAH
License for heat energy supply
22 000 UAH
Turn-key ready license for heat energy supply
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What we offer

Stage one:

  • we prepare documents for getting a license;
  • we develop a website whose availability is required for getting a license (if so agreed);
  • if required, we conduct a consultation on the procedure of getting a license for heat energy supply.

Stage two:

  • we provide the prepared documents for the meeting of the NEURC (the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission) that are required for getting a license for heat energy supply;
  • after the positive decision about issue of a license, we provide for you the current banking details for payment of license fee;
  • we get at the NEURC a copy of resolution confirming the issue of a license, and pass it to you.


List of documents and information to be provided by the client

List of documents
Company’s ID number (EDRPOU)
Bank details
company contact data (tel. email)

To obtain a license, the Client provides the following documents:

  • company’s ID number (EDRPOU);
  • bank details of your company;
  • the e-mail address of the company and phone numbers, fax numbers, at which customers and partners can contact you;
  • the name of a city/town/locality and a region of Ukraine, where heat energy was supplied (will be supplied);
  • the volume of heat energy supplies for the previous year ( thousand Gcals);
  • the planned volume of heat energy supply for the next year (thousand Gcals);
  • from own sources of heat production - thousand gigacalories per year (for those who produce heat themselves);
  • on the basis of a contract for the sale of heat energy (if heat is not produced) - thousand gigacalories per year;
  • volumes of supplies for the previous year (thousand Gcals) with a breakdown: for budgetary institutions; for the population; for religious organizations; and other consumers;
  • planned volumes of supplies for the year (thousand Gcal) with a breakdown: for budgetary institutions; for the population; for religious organizations; for other consumers;

Additionally, we provide our customers with a table, showing an example of the way the information is provided.

Turnkey services for obtaining the license for heat energy supply:

  • obtaining a license for the supply of heat energy;
  • confirmation of obtainment of a license (copy of the decision on the issuance of a license);
  • site development.
The price of license for heat energy supply does not include payment of a license fee in the amount of 2270 UAH (from December 1st, 2020)  

The term for obtaining a license is 20 days.

Why us

We provide the full range of services for licensing the supply of heat energy
When you order a service for obtaining a license for the supply of heat energy from us, you do not have to worry about confirming the issuance of a license (which is often of interest to potential customers and partners) and about developing a website that is necessary to obtain a license - our company’s specialists provide the service comprehensively and take commitments both to confirm receipt of a license and to develop a website.
We will help you get a license for heat production
The specific nature of our interaction with the Client lies in a comprehensive approach to solving their problems in the Ukrainian energy market. Therefore, we help our clients in obtaining licenses not only for the supply of heat energy, but also for heat production. If you need a license to produce heat, you can contact us for legal assistance.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

One of the requirements that must be met when obtaining a license is that the license applicant has a website that meets the requirements of the law.

Its absence or even the slightest discrepancy with the requirements of the law is a direct reason for refusing to issue a license. In addition, the availability of a website will make your company more recognizable in the heat energy market.

Answers to frequently asked questions

If I plan to supply heat energy to the territory of, say, Khmelnitsky region, and my company is registered in Kiev and the volume of heat energy to be supplied is less than 145 thousand gigacalories per year, then to which authority do I need to apply for a license?

In this case, documents for obtaining a license are to be submitted to Khmelnitsky Regional State Administration, for you will supply heat energy to the territory of Khmelnitsky region and the supply volume is less than 145 thousand gigacalories per year.

Do they issue a license form for the supply of heat?

It is the license form that is not currently available, and the series and license number, respectively, are not assigned. However, our company can receive confirmation of the license for your company in the form of a copy of the decision of the licensing authority to issue a license.

Getting a license for the supply of heat energy with us

It is important to know that the supply of heat energy is carried out per the tariffs that are set by state agencies or local authorities.

The licensing process itself consists of several stages, each of which requires extreme attention to details.

Our company has been working in the legal services market for over 10 years and can give you a whole list of benefits of working with us.

  • Huge baggage of experience and knowledge. The field of jurisprudence, especially when it comes to communicating with government agencies and obtaining all kinds of permits, unfortunately, requires more than a good knowledge of the law. We went with our Clients through the whole process many times and we know all the possible challenges and how to avoid them.
  • Reliability of execution. If we get down to business, then it will be done. The portfolio of our successfully  completed cases can be found in the section of Clients’ reviews, as well as in the section “Interesting information”, where our lawyers share their experience in articles and comments on the legislation.
  • Convenient communication. Our Client-Manager will not have to search or call you around the clock. We are always in touch and ready to provide you with a report on your situation when it is convenient for you.
  • Minimum involvement of the Client in the process. If you do not want to have any relation whatsoever to the process of obtaining a license, but simply want to receive your final set of documents - this can be arranged.
  • Simplicity. This is the concept that we are guided by in our everyday activities. Our task is not to oversell ourselves to the Client, but rather provide them with the most accessible explanation of the situation. We are looking for the best solution to the issue and explain the whole situation so clearly that the Client does not have more questions about what and why we are doing.

If you want to get a license for the supply of heat energy simply and quickly - call us!

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