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International Commercial Arbitration

Within the litigation practice our firm has distinguished a separate direction: international commercial arbitration.

Taking into consideration the priority development of this litigation area Clients are advised only by the leading experts of the firm.

Our lawyers provide a comprehensive approach to arbitration taking care of Client’s interests at different stages of legal relations development with the contractor.

Appreciation letters of our Clients
President Tedeev E.S., Ukrainian wrestling association
Ukrainian wrestling association would like to express its sincere appreciation to the team of Law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" for mutually beneficial cooperation
L. Chervonyuk, LLC "Vitalux"
Vitalux company highly appreciates results of cooperation with Law firm “Pravova dopomoga”, can characterize it as a reliable partner and based on personal experience is ready to recommend it to interested persons...
General Manager Stashkevych I.Y., LLC “Trading company” Rud”
We would like to indicate that law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" has become a reliable partner for legal services provision and we can recommend it as a team of qualified professionals who are easy and pleasant to deal with
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What we do
  • appropriate drafting of arbitration clause on stage of agreement conclusion: Client is provided with recommendations about choices of substantive and procedural law applicable to the legal relations, a choice of arbitral institution, when necessary  explanations of the procedural nuances of the case in a particular arbitration are provided;
  • advising on pretrial dispute settlement stage, searching for the most suitable solutions for the dispute, preparation of necessary documents;
  • support of proceedings in court of arbitration;
  • enforcement of arbitration awards in Ukraine.

Additional information about the service

The specificity of international arbitration arises from the fact that parties of legal relations usually belong to different jurisdictions and in order to settle disputes address to non judicial institutions on mutual agreement (often in neutral (third) country).

Such decision is formalized as an arbitration clause in the main agreement or as a separate document.

The accumulated arbitration practice shows that commercial arbitration is much more effective way of resolving disputes than national courts of general jurisdiction.

The main advantage is saving of time, money and in most cases inability of unreasonable delay in hearing of appeals.

In this regard during arbitration a considerable attention should be paid even to the smallest details.

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