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Cost of services

from 25000 UAH/month
Legal consulting services for outstaffing companies
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What we offer

  • Provide assistance in starting an outstaffing company for your business project, for example, IT outstaffing company Ukraine
  • Provide legal support and assistance (service) for an outstaffing company in Ukraine;
  • Help with optimization of tax burden of an outstaffing company;
  • Organize personnel accounting and employment of staff;
  • Organize accounting, provide our accountants for the outstaffing company using the outstaffing model;
  • Take over the interaction with your counterparties;
  • Provide project support to the company;
  • Monitor the current activity of the company;
  • Take on communication with employees of your company;
  • Provide legal support and assistance during inspections carried out by regulating authority of the servicing company;
  • Provide a legal address for postal services;
  • Provide our director for remote work of the company.










Documents required

List of documents
Company’s code
Bank statement
Information on desired employees

Documents for outstaffing in Ukraine

We often set up outstaffing companies from scratch, getting a foreign director and a founder properly registered.

We can also provide our director or a person, who our Client authorizes with a power of attorney to represent his/her interests in labor, tax and other matters.

There are situations when a Client comes with an already established firm, which needs to be serviced and registered as an outstaffing company. In this case, in order to start working we need the following documents:

  • Primary personnel and accounting documents;
  • Registration documents of the parent and outstaffing company;
  • A list of employed employees, including information about them;
  • Approximate description of the company’s business.
We offer legal assistance to foreign companies not only at the start of their activities in Ukraine, but also in the process of business development.

Our proposal for cooperation for foreign Сlients.

Service packages offers

from 4000 UAH
  • Basic consulting on general issues of conducting outstaffing activities in Ukraine (procedure for conducting, permits, agreement)
  • Analysis of the Client's situation and providing recommendations on the employment scheme and tax optimization
from 25000 UAH/month
  • Basic consulting on general issues of conducting outstaffing activities in Ukraine (procedure for conducting, permits, agreement)
  • Development of an optimal scheme for the employment of employees of the enterprise and support of an outstaffing company
from 40000 UAH/month
  • Basic consulting on general issues of conducting outstaffing activities in Ukraine (procedure for conducting, permits, agreement)
  • Development of an optimal scheme for the employment of employees of the enterprise and support of an outstaffing company
  • Further legal and accounting support for the outstaffing company
  • Development of documents for the legal conduct of an outstaffing company

Legal advice for outstaffing companies in Ukraine

If you would like to understand what is included in the legal service for outstaffing companies in Ukraine, ask our lawyers for an introductory consultation. During such consultation we will explain:

  • What gives you as a Client outstaffing company service?
  • How does legal support of outstaffing company in Ukraine work?
  • What is the scope of work undertaken by our specialists?

The price for the introductory consultation is included into the total cost of outstaffing company support.

If you require detailed information on peculiarities of outstaffing in Ukraine, or if you have many other questions, you can order elaboration of the Road Map. It will allow you to get the answers to your complex questions. You can read more about our consultations here.

The price of legal support and consulting services for outstaffing companies in Ukraine (Ukraine outstaffing)

Legal support of the company’s activities usually implies the need to make payments: to employees, counterparties and other companies that support the company’s activities. 

We can talk about completely different conditions of payment for such expenses, in addition, the lawyers of our company usually control payments from the parent company.

The price of our services will be calculated individually, depending on the amount of services you need to do outstaffing business in Ukraine.

We can also help you set up an outstaffing company, as well as develop personnel and accounting documents, offer other nominal services for convenient work of your project (legal address, director).

Why us

We have experience in starting and providing services to foreign outstaffing companies
Our lawyers have practical experience in providing legal support and assistance to employee leasing companies. In addition, we can help organize our own outstaffing to the Client with our own employees, to reduce the financial or personnel burden.
We have in-house English-speaking lawyers and managers
We have in-house English-speaking lawyers and managers, which allows us to provide legal services to the company from anywhere in the world.
We provide financial and other reports to the company served
We know how important it is to have actual financial indicators, to understand the scheme of their movement, which means you will have full information and understanding of the processes.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:
The founder of outstaffing companies is often a foreign parent company. In this case, we will also need translated and legalized documents of the parent company.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Do I need a special permit to start an outstaffing company?

No. At present, the Ukrainian legislation does not provide for any mandatory permits to start an outstaffing company.

Can employees be officially employed by an outstaffing company to actually work on another project?

Yes, but in this case you should take care of the properly drafted agreements with your contractor, and do not forget about the employment agreements with your employees that will work on another project.

Is it possible to compensate employees for their current expenses in the course of company work?

Yes, it is. However, this will create additional tax liabilities. In addition, there are several options on how to organize them.

Can one and the same person be a director of a parent and outstaffing company?

Yes, it may be the same person. In addition, we may also make our Client a director, who will issue a power of attorney to our attorneys, who will be responsible for the ongoing management of the company.

Legal nuances of business activity of outstaffing companies in Ukraine

In the practice of working with employee leasing companies, we regularly face a number of issues. In particular, these are issues related to compensation of money for expenses of employees employed in the company. 

The first thing to consider is the need to ensure regular receipt of money from counterparties to be able to pay salaries to employees, compensation. 

The second is the correct execution of agreements between your counterparty, employees, and the correct procedure for payment of compensation, so that the tax authority or Labor Service has no questions in the case of inspection.

Another frequent issue is the further withdrawal of money abroad, because outstaffing companies are often “daughters” of other foreign firms, which means there is a need to properly withdraw money to the parent company. 

Our lawyers provide tax advice, which will help to withdraw money and pay a minimum of taxes: there are options related to VAT refund, withdrawal of money for services rendered to the parent company, etc. There are also other options.  

Do you want to work in Ukraine as an outstaffing company? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will help you to start and safely conduct business in Ukraine.

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