Obtaining a Fire Safety Declaration

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Obtaining a Fire Safety Declaration
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What we offer

  • Analyzing the situation, the nature of the client's activities, and their premises;

  • Advising on preparing and registering the fire safety declaration;

  • Completing the fire safety declaration and submitting it as required;

  • Monitoring the process until the declaration is confirmed as registered.


Service packages offers

Starting at 22,000 UAH
Up to 200 sq. meters 
  • Analysis of the client's premises plan (over 100 square meters) and types of activities conducted;
  • Completion and registration of the fire safety declaration in the prescribed manner;
  • Continuous monitoring until the declaration is confirmed as registered.

Starting at 42,000 UAH
Suitable for high-risk activities, new constructions, other large structures, or extensive areas exceeding 200 sq. meters 
  • Analysis of the client's premises plan (over 100 square meters) and types of activities conducted;
  • Assistance in obtaining an assessment of the fire safety condition (under a separate agreement);
  • Completion and registration of the fire safety declaration in the prescribed manner;
  • Continuous monitoring until the declaration is confirmed as registered.

What factors influence the cost of completing and registering a fire safety declaration?

  • The region;

  • The type of facility (office, manufacturing, retail outlet, or other);

  • The size of the premises.

Work starts after an initial estimate, provided the proposed cost is acceptable.

Liability for Not Having a Fire Safety Declaration

According to Article 175-2 of the Administrative Offences Code of Ukraine, operating new enterprises or using real estate without a registered compliance declaration, when such a declaration is obligatory, results in a fine ranging from 150 to 200 tax-exempt minimum incomes of citizens.

The declaration must be registered for entities with high-risk activities.

To mitigate business risks, we recommend obtaining a fire safety declaration for activities like:

  • Educational institutions, such as schools and kindergartens;

  • Storage warehouses for various goods, especially flammable materials.

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Are a Fire Safety Declaration and a Fire License the Same Thing?

A Fire Safety Declaration (a declaration of compliance with fire safety requirements) and a Fire License are entirely different things! It's crucial to understand and not confuse these concepts when you're seeking related services.

The Fire Safety Declaration is a document that verifies a particular structure (whether it's a new building, a specific room, or a facility) is safe for use and operation in terms of fire safety.

In contrast, a Fire License is a document that authorizes an organization to arrange and conduct fire safety checks. Entities that need to register a Fire Safety Declaration, especially those with high-risk activities, must first consult with licensed professionals. These professionals are qualified to assess premises and install any necessary fire-fighting equipment if required.

The Fire Safety Declaration includes details about:

  • The company (its name, address, and contact information);

  • The property subject to the declaration, its location;

  • The risk level associated with the activities undertaken;

  • An assessment of the maintenance of the property, buildings, evacuation routes, and exits as per fire safety regulations.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Who should register a Fire Safety Declaration?

Business entities that are preparing to put real estate properties into operation. This includes new constructions such as buildings, facilities, individual premises, or parts of premises.

Who is exempt from registering a Fire Safety Declaration?

• Entities operating trading spaces or kiosks located within market areas, in accordance with a layout approved by the state fire control authority, are not required to register a fire safety declaration. • Tenants of a property do not need to register a fire safety declaration if the declaration has already been registered by the property's owner. • Users of properties that have been officially approved for use following construction, reconstruction, restoration, or extensive renovation, in line with the prescribed procedures, are also exempt from registering a fire safety declaration.

Fire Safety Declaration for New Constructions

If you're planning to commission a new building, registering a declaration of fire safety compliance is necessary.

Fire Safety Declaration for Educational Institutions

The safety of children and students is paramount. You can obtain a license for educational activities even without a fire safety compliance declaration. However, before allowing children and staff into the premises, it's essential to register a fire safety declaration for the educational institution, ensuring that fire safety standards are adequately met.

Fire Safety Declaration for a Medical Center

Similar to educational institutions, obtaining a fire safety declaration isn't a prerequisite for licensing a medical center. Nevertheless, for ensuring workplace safety and to preempt any issues during inspections, possessing a fire safety declaration is highly recommended.

Fire Safety Declaration for Gas Stations

Given the heightened fire risk associated with gas stations, strict adherence to fire safety regulations is non-negotiable. Prior to registering a fire safety declaration, it's necessary to acquire a certification that affirms the gas station's compliance with fire safety norms.

Registering a Fire Safety Declaration in Kyiv

The process begins once a client provides us with the essential details about their property. We then calculate the cost for our services. If the client is satisfied with the quote, we proceed with the declaration preparation after receiving full payment upfront. In situations where a property assessment or expert evaluation is required (particularly for high-risk activities), an additional step is to obtain a report on this assessment. Note that this is a distinct service and is billed separately. Clients can either arrange for their own experts for this assessment, or we can handle it for them.

Online Fire Safety Declaration Registration

Once the declaration is ready, it needs to be registered. This can be done in several ways: through a center for administrative services, by sending it via Ukrposhta, or via an electronic service.

The electronic submission is quite efficient and secure, but it necessitates that the entity possess a digital signature. There are various methods for submitting through a digital signature: the client can provide us with their digital signature and its password, which is the most straightforward method as it requires no further involvement from the client. However, if a client prefers not to share their digital signature – a completely understandable concern – we can also submit it through a remote access program to their computer. Ultimately, the choice of submission method is a minor aspect of the process.

If you need assistance with registering a fire safety declaration, don't hesitate to contact us! Obtaining a fire safety declaration with our help is straightforward and hassle-free!

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