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Permanent Residence Abroad
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  • We consult on leaving Ukraine for permanent residency and obtaining permanent residency permits (PMP).

  • We ensure a full understanding of the procedures to be completed abroad.

  • We assist with the preparation of all necessary documents in Ukraine for emigration.

  • We analyze the client's existing documents and information for obtaining PMP in the chosen country.

  • We prepare a list of documents required for obtaining a residence permit in a foreign country.

  • We prepare the application and the entire document package for submission to the consulate.

  • We remotely (via power of attorney) deregister from the registered place of residence.

  • We obtain a certificate of no tax liabilities from the tax authorities, etc.


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Guaranteed Permit for Residency Abroad
Guaranteed Permit for Residency Abroad
Obtaining a permit for permanent residency abroad can be challenging, but not with us. We undertake the commitment to guide our clients through every step of the process. From collecting documents in Ukraine to collaborating with foreign authorities, we provide comprehensive support at each stage.
Comprehensive Support
Comprehensive Support
Our assistance ensures support in all aspects of your relocation. From the initial consultation to the completion of necessary documentation - we do everything possible for your comfort and confidence.
Addressing All Concerns
Addressing All Concerns
Our team efficiently resolves all issues related to relocation abroad. From liaising with tax authorities to obtaining necessary permits — we take full responsibility to ensure your transition is as smooth and secure as possible.

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