Obtaining Permanent Residency in Ukraine Through Childbirth: Essential Insights into the Migration Process

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Obtainment of permanent residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners
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In Ukraine, as in any other country, foreigners often encounter numerous immigration challenges that seem too complex to handle on their own. At such times, they seek support and professional assistance to resolve these legal issues. This was the case with our client, a Danish citizen who had been living in Ukraine on a work-based residence permit. However, the employer company had not been paying his Unified Social Contribution (a crucial point we always emphasize to our clients). As a result, his work permit was revoked, and his residence permit was annulled.

However, during his stay in Ukraine, our client had a child with a Ukrainian citizen, giving him a basis for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. When he came to us for consultation, he sought to clarify the following questions:

  • What document serves as the basis for obtaining an immigration permit and residence permit in his case?
  • How can he obtain this document?
  • What are the approximate timelines for the entire process of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, considering his situation?

Yes, at the beginning of our work, we provided detailed answers that helped the client navigate and move forward confidently. In our article, we will discuss this in detail, including our ongoing collaboration with the client and the key insights gained from this case. We are confident that this experience will be valuable to anyone interested in migration issues, particularly in obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

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How to Avoid Mistakes When Submitting Migration Documents: A Success Story

Our practical work began with a thorough analysis of our client's documents, both his own and those of his child. From this examination, we determined his eligibility to apply for residency based on his status as the father of a Ukrainian citizen child. In our subsequent consultation, we outlined the following course of action:

  1. Obtaining a Certificate Confirming the Child's Ukrainian Citizenship: 3 months.
  2. Obtaining an Immigration Permit: 6 months.
  3. Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine: up to 1 month.

Our legal team offered the client assistance with all these matters, recognizing that most clients still struggle to achieve success independently in the legalization process in Ukraine. However, he decided that it was not difficult, so he would handle most of it himself. A few days after the consultation, he informed us that his migration request had been rejected and he still needed our help to resolve this issue. Why did the client fail?

Our specialists investigated the situation and discovered that the client had compiled and submitted an incomplete set of documents. Additionally, during the document submission process, he inaccurately explained the legality of his stay in Ukraine to the specialists. The migration service believed he was residing in Ukraine based on a residence permit and requested a certificate of registered residence. Typically, he did not possess this certificate because his residence permit had been revoked, and consequently, he was deregistered from his place of residence.

In this case, it's crucial to understand that the documents to confirm the child's citizenship are submitted based on the actual residence of the foreign father, not the registered one, as declared by the foreigner to the migration authorities. Taking proactive steps, we clarified our client's migration situation, added the necessary documents to the package, and ensured their successful submission by the client.

Immigrating to Ukraine: Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit with the Help of Our Legal Firm

The awaited certificate took just under three months to obtain, in accordance with the legislation. Upon our involvement, the client received the certificate confirming his child's citizenship, enabling him to proceed with the application for permanent residency. While awaiting the child's certificate, we utilized our time effectively by organizing our work in stages:

  • The foreigner apostilled his residency certificate from Germany.
  • We facilitated its translation into Ukrainian.
  • Arranged for the acquisition of documents confirming the foreigner's residence in Ukraine.

It's important to note that for the category under which our client applied for the immigration permit, there was no requirement to obtain a certificate of no criminal record from their country of citizenship or a medical certificate from a clinic confirming the absence of chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, or infectious diseases.

After gathering all the necessary documents, we accompanied the client to the migration office to submit the paperwork. Although they understood Ukrainian, it was important to ensure that the entire document package was indeed complete, nothing was omitted by the client, and the information in the application was correctly entered. Then, we had to wait for six months, during which numerous checks were conducted, including those by the National Police, to verify the absence of legal issues and to confirm residence as stated in the application.

Five months after submitting the application, a letter arrived via mail to the foreigner's residence in Ukraine, containing the decision from the State Migration Service to issue immigration permission. Since our client was abroad at that time, they needed to approach the Ukrainian consulate, obtain a D-01 visa (immigration), and enter Ukraine with this visa. We facilitated the shipment of all necessary visa documents abroad, enabling the foreigner to swiftly obtain the desired stamp.

Upon entry into Ukraine, with our assistance, the client provided all the required documents for obtaining permanent residency in Ukraine. Within 12 business days, the long-awaited residency permit was obtained. Thus, cooperation with our company ensured an efficient and hassle-free process of obtaining the necessary document for our client.

Permanent Residence in Ukraine: Consultations and Comprehensive Legal Services for Children and Parents

If you require assistance, our company offers a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of obtaining permanent residence permits in Ukraine based on paternity for a child who is a citizen of Ukraine. These services include:

  • Assessing the client's situation and reviewing the documents of both the client and the child.
  • Providing consultations regarding confirming the child's citizenship, obtaining an immigration permit and a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
  • Preparation of necessary documents.
  • Organizing the submission of documents and facilitating their retrieval after application review.
  • Arranging representation for the registration of residence in Ukraine following the receipt of the certificate.

From consultation and document preparation to guiding you through the application process, we're here every step of the way, ready to offer expert assistance and ensure a successful outcome in every legal aspect. Don't hesitate to contact us because our aim is not only to help resolve your current issues but also to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in the future.

Publication date: 06/05/2024

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