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The legalization of foreigners in Ukraine is a critical issue, especially considering the potential problems that may arise due to misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of the legislation. From our legal experience, it's clear that this becomes a significant hurdle for many foreigners. Not surprisingly, when moving to our country, people face numerous rules and requirements that must be met to avoid violating Ukraine's legalization laws. Therefore, it's crucial to seek proper legal advice and support.

With over 15 years of experience working with clients, we consistently provide the highest standard of quality in Ukraine. We ensure reliability regardless of any force majeure circumstances and are capable of solving problems, delivering the best outcome even in challenging wartime conditions. Additionally, each client has a personal manager who is always available to answer all questions and provide timely updates on the case. This is why, by working with us, you always receive the best legal protection, and all your documents will be in order.

In this article, we'll discuss our clients, a family from Armenia who have been living in Ukraine since 2017. They have two sons, but due to their lack of knowledge of Ukrainian legislation and difficulty understanding official Ukrainian documents and acts, they couldn't legalize their stay. This led to the Ukrainian migration service issuing documents for their forced return in 2021, and the family was forced to leave Ukraine.

Due to personal circumstances, the family couldn't return to Armenia. Additionally, in Ukraine, the family had many friends and distant relatives who helped them establish their own business. After the family was forced to leave everything behind and depart, the man realized that everything must be done legally. This prompted him to turn to our specialists.

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Legalization of Foreigners in Ukraine: Obtaining Citizenship for Children Based on Territorial Origin

Our lawyers thoroughly analyzed the Client's situation and proposed a step-by-step action plan, namely: first, to obtain citizenship for the children based on territorial origin, and then, as the next step, to secure permanent residence permits for the parents. We found out that the parents had previously approached the migration service regarding citizenship but were denied because they had applied based on birth (Article 7 of the Law on Ukrainian Citizenship). Of course, they could have exercised their right to appeal the migration service's decision, and another lawyer likely suggested this option. However, this approach would likely be ineffective and time-consuming. Why?

Our migration lawyer explained that to obtain citizenship for the children on this basis, the parents must have been legally residing in Ukraine at the time of the children's birth, for example, based on a temporary or permanent residence permit. Therefore, the refusal from the migration service is entirely legal, and appealing it would be pointless. The entire family of our client held Armenian passports, but unlike the parents, the underage children were born on the territory of Ukraine in 2018 and 2020. Therefore, territorial origin is the correct basis for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship for the children.

The friends of our clients offered them a portion of their residential house for accommodation. This helped us identify the territorial division of the migration service to submit the application. Therefore, our lawyer prepared a package of documents to obtain citizenship for the children based on territorial origin:

  • Translations, applications;
  • Undertakings;
  • Photographs, etc.

All tasks needed to be completed promptly while the parents were legally present in Ukraine, which was only for 90 days. Considering that citizenship documents take up to three months to process, our lawyer then prepared documents to extend the parents' stay in Ukraine. These documents included those from the host party:

  • Passports and property ownership documents for the house;
  • A copy of the application for Ukrainian citizenship for the children;
  • Passport translations;
  • Photographs.

Documents for extending the stay must be submitted no earlier than 10 days and no later than three days before the expiration of the stay in Ukraine. Therefore, it is crucial to calculate everything correctly and submit the documents on time.

A Successful Immigration Journey in Ukraine: From Permit Acquisition to Stable Life and Business

We had our stay extended for 90 days. During this period, our clients collected all the necessary documents to apply for immigration permits in Ukraine. The longest wait was for the certificate of registration in Armenia and the absence of a criminal record. However, thanks to coordinated efforts, we received everything on time. Right after obtaining registration certificates for the children from the migration service, our lawyers organized the submission of documents for immigration to Ukraine.

And now it was crucial once again not to miss the deadlines for extending their stay in Ukraine because filing an immigration application doesn't automatically prolong their legal stay. The processing of the immigration application typically takes about six months. Therefore, during this period, it's essential to diligently monitor the duration of their stay to avoid receiving a decision on forced departure and imposition of administrative fines. However, this isn't our first time navigating such a challenging path to legalization in Ukraine. That's why our lawyers always provide a comprehensive range of services, assisting clients not only in monitoring deadlines but also in preparing the necessary documents for subsequent stages

After the decision to grant permission for immigration to Ukraine was made, thanks to the pre-prepared documents, we assisted the clients in submitting documents for permanent residency on the same day. The process of obtaining permanent residency typically takes up to 15 working days. Another crucial step was the registration of their place of residence after receiving the residency permit. Today, the family resides in Ukraine on legal grounds. The children have obtained Ukrainian passports for international travel, while the parents have obtained permanent residency permits. The family has opened their own café and actively supports the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Now, if necessary, they can travel abroad and return at any time without unnecessary hassle.

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Migration Assistance in Ukraine: Consultation and Support in Obtaining Residence Permits

If you find yourself in a similar situation or need assistance from an immigration lawyer for any other reason, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be your reliable partner for all matters related to staying in Ukraine:

  • We are ready to provide comprehensive consultations on obtaining residence permits and other immigration matters.
  • We will ensure full support and help you choose the most optimal ways to obtain a temporary residence permit.
  • We will assist in analyzing existing documents, ensuring maximum preparedness for the migration process.
  • We will provide full support during the document review process and promptly inform you of the readiness of the residence permit.
  • We will provide professional assistance with the payment of all official fees and charges.
  • We will organize the registration of residences for foreigners in any part of Ukraine.

Don't delay – get in touch with us right away! Call our toll-free hotline at 0 800 210 652 or use the "Request a Call" button to schedule a consultation. We're prepared to address your inquiries, no matter how complex, and offer the necessary assistance with migration procedures.

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