How To Obtain A Dermatovenerologist License In Ukraine?

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This material will be useful for those who want to get a Medical License in dermatology practice, as well as to understand all the nuances of the process in order not to waste extra time on re-submission of documents. 

In July 2019, we were contacted by a Client who wanted to obtain a Dermatovenerologist License and needed to fully understand what to do. We will elaborate on the requirements for such a license using his example.

If you still have questions regarding the documents after reading this material or you want to use our services for obtaining a Dermatovenerologist License, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists.

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Licensing requirements for a dermatovenerologist

Dermatovenerologist’s office

According to the State Building Standards, the area of a dermatovenerologist’s office shall be no less than 18 sq.m. 

This specialty also implies the presence of a treatment room with the area of 20 sq.m. minimum. The office shall also have such rooms as a corridor, bathroom and a living room, although they are not required directly by the building regulations. 

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Medical methods used by a dermatovenerologist

Dermatovenerologists use the following methods in their medical practice: 

  • Prevention; 
  • Diagnostics; 
  • Treatment; 
  • Rehabilitation. 

But these doctors can’t use surgical interventions and methods of pain relief in their activities. You need to know this information when filling out the license forms.

Equipment of the doctor’s office

The law provides for a quite large list of equipment for a dermatovenerologist’s office, about 25 items. Almost all equipment stipulated in the equipment list must be in the doctor’s office. 

Medical equipment shall be described in the documents as follows: the model, manufacturer, as well as its technical condition and year of manufacture. It is extremely important to describe equipment in detail, as this will guarantee the successful result at the commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

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The right to use the premises

The premises for medical practice may be owned or used by the licensee. This means, you shall have a certificate of ownership or a lease agreement for the premises.

Metrological verification of equipment

There is a number of equipment that has to be metrologically verified at the SE “Ukrmetrteststandard”. In case of a dermatovenerologist, the following equipment is subject to such verification: 

  • Thermometer; 
  • Tonometer;
  • Scales (both electronic scales for children and scales with a height meter). 

Dermatovenerologist Qualification

In order to obtain a Medical License, a dermatovenerologist must obtain a higher education in Medicine or General Medicine. 

He/she must also have a Medical Specialist Certificate and a Certificate of Higher Qualification in the same specialties. However, internships or specialization courses must be in the Dermatovenerology specialty. 

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Legal consulting on obtainment of a Dermatovenerologist License 

With our assistance in preparing all documents and support at all stages of training, our Client managed to obtain a Dermatovenerologist License having the diploma of Nurse issued by a specialized school and a Certificate of advanced training in the “Therapy” and “Family Medicine” specialties. 

Our lawyers can submit an application for a Medical License under the power of attorney. The period of obtaining a Medical License varies from 3 weeks to 1.5 months. 

If you need to obtain a Dermatovenerologist License, don’t hesitate to call us. We will tell you about all the nuances of training and help you successfully pass the licensing commission at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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Publication date: 24/02/2020

We are ready to help you!

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