What documents are needed to register an LLC in Ukraine?

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Registering an LLC (a company in Ukraine) nowadays, in the era of accessible internet and streamlined paperwork for businesses, is not an overly complicated process. However, it's crucial to consider several key factors in advance to avoid unnecessary headaches down the line. It's important to keep in mind that not everything found on the internet can be freely utilized. In our article, our team of lawyers will guide you through the essential documents required for registering an LLC, depending on the composition of its participants.

Our company specializes in assisting with business registration in Ukraine, regardless of the complexity involved. Our main objective is to develop personalized articles of association, establish sound business structures, and provide solutions to intricate legal matters. If you want to register a company and start your business in Ukraine, we're here to help you. For those seeking a fast and cost-effective LLC registration, we'll gladly recommend our trusted partners.

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If the founders consist solely of individuals who are Ukrainian citizens

The documents required for registering an LLC include:

  • Scanned copies of the passports and tax identification numbers (TIN) of each participant and the director, if the director is not one of the participants.
  • Completed questionnaire*

These documents and information are necessary for preparing the required paperwork, such as the articles of association, minutes of the general meeting, ownership structure, and more.

Subsequently, each participant will need to provide a notarized power of attorney authorizing our staff to act on their behalf. We will prepare the power of attorney draft, which the participant(s) can sign before a notary when they visit to sign the articles of association.

Notarized copies of the passports of participants who will be the ultimate beneficial owners (holding 25% or more ownership) will also be required. However, this can be notarized directly at a notary's office.

If any participant is unable to personally visit a notary, we offer a power of attorney template that they can have executed at any notary's office. They can then make a notarized copy of their passport and provide all the necessary documents to us. By the way, only copies of old-style passports require notarization. There is no need to notarize plastic passports.

If the founder is a legal entity, or if there are both individual and legal entities involved

The documents required for registering an LLC include:

  • EGRPOU code of the company.
  • Scanned copies of the passports and tax identification numbers (TIN) of each participant and the director, if the director is not one of the participants.
  • Completed questionnaire*

The process remains similar to the previous case: based on the provided scans and information, we prepare the necessary documents and schedule a meeting with a notary.

The legal entity founder will be represented by its director, or if they are unable to attend, another individual authorized through a power of attorney. This authorized person can be one of our employees.

Special attention should be given to the ownership structure. By the time the LLC is submitted for registration, we will need any notarized copies (or simply copies of IDs) of the passports of the beneficiaries - the participants of the legal entity founder who will indirectly own 25% or more of the voting rights in the newly created LLC.

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What documents are needed to register an LLC in Ukraine?

If the participant is a foreign citizen or there are multiple foreign citizens involved

The documents required for registering an LLC include:

  • Scanned copies of their international passports.
  • Scanned copy of the tax identification number (ITN) obtained in Ukraine.
  • Completed questionnaire*

It's important to note that the mention of providing a scanned copy of the TIN is included just in case you have obtained one. However, in almost all cases, foreign founders do not have an TIN. Therefore, at the initial stage, we only require a scanned copy of the international passport and the completed questionnaire from you.

Once we have these documents, we will prepare a power of attorney that the foreign founder will grant to our team to obtain the TIN and proceed with the incorporation of the LLC with their involvement. We will handle the signing of all necessary documents on their behalf in Ukraine based on this power of attorney.

If the foreign founder is already in Ukraine, the process remains the same, except that the power of attorney will be issued within Ukraine itself. We can assist with this by arranging a meeting with a notary.

If the founder or one of the founders is a foreign legal entity

The documents required for registering an LLC include:

  • Scanned copy of the registration document of the foreign company in its home country.
  • If there are other participants besides the foreign company, the corresponding document mentioned above (scanned copy of passport or EGRPOU code, etc.).
  • Completed questionnaire*

If the registration document of the foreign company is in English, we can use it as a basis for preparing the necessary documents. However, if it's in another language, we will need to have it translated into Ukrainian. Rest assured, we can handle the translation process here in Ukraine.

This document should provide details about the ownership structure of the foreign company. If it doesn't contain that information, we will need to obtain any other document that lists the current participants and their respective ownership shares.

 We will provide a draft power of attorney, which the foreign company, represented by its governing body, must have notarized in their home country and apostilled/legalized (depending on the international agreements between our countries).  In addition, the foreign company will send us the aforementioned registration document, notarized in a similar manner.

Note: It would be preferable to provide apostilled/legalized copies of the passports of the participants who will be designated as ultimate beneficiaries. However, if it's not possible to apostille/legalize these passports, we can find an alternative solution based on mutual agreement.


*The questionnaire is a short survey that we have developed to gather essential information for preparing the registration documents. It covers important details such as company name, registered address or the need for address provision, authorized capital amount and distribution of shares among participants, types of business activities, requirement for a company seal and any specific preferences regarding it.

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