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An alternative medicine is an independent sphere of medicine in Ukraine. A lot of healthcare institutions use these methods at the same time with traditional forms of improvement. There are a lot of alternative methods of healing which require a careful state control. That’s why documentary securement of an alternative medicine is a difficult matter.

According to the Foundations of the legislation of Ukraine on health care dated the 19th of November 1992 no. 2801-XII a traditional medicine (healing) are methods of improvement, prevention, diagnostics and healing which are based on the experience of generations and composed in the traditions and don’t demand state registration. As follows, a lawmaker defines the term of a traditional medicine but not an alternative medicine. The legal acts of Ukraine don’t have the list of methodic of a traditional and alternative medicine. At the same time the Nomenclature of medical specialties approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated the 19th of December 1997 no. 359 defines the specialty “A traditional and alternative medicine”. In fact, there is a binding of two terms. A healing is unified definition for non-traditional forms of treatment. For example, homeopathy is not a medical specialty according to the abovementioned Nomenclature and that’s why it can be recognized as a method of non-traditional medicine. You should send a request to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to define whether this method is related to a non-traditional medicine. It is important: cult and magical services and other religious rituals are not related to a non-traditional medicine.

We can determine two situations which are related to using non-traditional methods of healing in medicine:

  • A person who practices a healing doesn’t have a medical education;
  • A person who uses non-traditional forms of healing has a medical education.

In the first case person must be ruled by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated the 3rd of December 2012 no. 1145 “On approving the procedure of issuance and revocation of a special permission on a traditional medicine (healing)” and by the Order of the Ministry off Health of Ukraine dated the 23th of September 2013 no. 822 which approved the procedure of issuance an expert conclusion on person’s healing ability. A person who doesn’t have a medical education has a right to practice a traditional medicine if he or she has a special permission which is based on experts’ conclusion issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This permission doesn’t allow to practice and doesn’t change a usual license. It means that if there is a person with the permission, then he or she also must get a medical license for traditional methods of healing.

It is possible situation when person with a medical education provides services on an alternative medicine. In this case, he or she must have a special qualification and license, issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This qualification is confirmed by the documents of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (for example, certificate of a doctor with specialty “Traditional and alternative medicine”). If this doctor works at healthcare institution which had got a medical license< then individual license doesn’t need to be obtained.  

Publication date: 29/09/2014

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