Comments on legislation


Details about the renewal of citizenship of Ukraine and in what cases it is possible. Can former citizens of Ukraine who lived in Russia regain their citizenship? Where to apply to renew or obtain citizenship of Ukraine?


What are the deadlines for inclusion in the wholesale energy market of Ukraine? Registration of wholesale energy market participants: legal support for entrepreneurs


What services can be provided on the basis of a security license and what objects can be protected? Does a security license entitle a company security guard to carry a weapon. Lawyer comments.


What to do when you cannot come to Ukraine to register an inheritance? What documents should be prepared for inheritance and what to do if there are no inheritance documents? Assistance of a lawyer on inheritance law.


In what situations can the share of one of the spouses in joint property be increased? Is the child living with one of the parents a reason for increasing the share? Legal support in a dispute regarding the distribution of property


Liability for the absence of a fire declaration: a fine or a warning?

What to expect if there is no fire declaration, but an inspection has arrived. How to calculate the fine for not having a fire declaration? What causes errors in filling out the fire declaration and how to avoid them.


What is a declaration of compliance of the material and technical base with the requirements of the legislation on fire safety? Cases when it is necessary to receive a fire declaration. Who registers the fire declaration, how and where?


How to correctly determine the amount of monetary compensation for the value of joint property of the spouses upon divorce? Why should you not make an assessment of the joint joint property of the spouses before the procedure is ordered by the court. Legal support during divorce.


Does it matter who owns the property? How to divide a privatized plot of land, an apartment, a car or a deposit during a divorce? Legal assistance in family disputes


What will the procedure for assigning an address look like after construction is completed? Which authority should I contact to assign the address of the real estate object?


What documents are required to obtain or extend a foreigner's employment permit. How to conclude an agreement between an employee and an employer. Do I need to pay for a foreigner's employment permit?


How can a medical institution collect and cryopreserve biological material? How to conclude an agreement on the collection of biological material and what to indicate in the application to a military serviceman. Legal protection of the rights of health care providers and patients.