Comments on legislation


Subleasing of land is an important agreement, especially in the development of the agricultural and industrial sectors in Ukraine. How to protect your rights as a tenant or subtenant and avoid risky situations?


Land leasing in Ukraine is governed by Ukrainian legislation, which regulates the relationships between landlords and tenants. Let's analyze the key legal aspects of land leasing, focusing on the specifics of protecting the rights and obligations of all parties involved.


Let's explore the process of electing leadership when creating a non-governmental organization. Who can be the founder of an NGO in Ukraine? What documents should be prepared for the registration of a non-governmental organization?


Creating a website is a common thing nowadays, because with the development of the digital economy, a large part of business is moving to the Internet, using it to promote goods and services. However, if you have approached the question of creating a site, consider a number of legal aspects.


What is less risky - bequeathing property under a will or donating property. It is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option of transferring property, as well as the differences between gifting property, inheritance through a will or inheritance agreement.


The blocking of tax invoices is a serious and most common difficulty for taxpayers. What can cause the registration of a tax invoice to stop? How to avoid blocking a tax ID and what to do when a tax ID is blocked. Assistance of a tax lawyer.


Inheritance of corporate rights can cover not only ownership and management powers in corporate structures, but also securities. Also, testators can retain not only rights to property, but also debt on a credit, loan or other type of obligation.


How not to finance fraudsters when providing assistance to non-profit organizations? The article will be useful for donors, grant-makers, patrons or other persons who provide funds or property for charity. We share legal advice.


Drafting of contracts is one of the most widespread works of a lawyer. Working with contracts requires constant monitoring of legislation and court practice. That is why drafting contracts is a complex legal practice.


What does the sanitary regulation for preschool institutions contain, and what exactly should a kindergarten provide? How to comply with established sanitary requirements if you plan to open a kindergarten in an apartment, is it even possible?


Business immigration to Germany, Austria or France: taxes and salary

We will consider the prospects of choosing countries such as Germany, Austria and France for business immigration, we will talk about the local taxation system. After all, these states are often included in the list of preferred jurisdictions for business relocation.


The NGO has the opportunity to use tools to create an "individual face" to distinguish itself from other legal entities or individuals. What means of individualization of the brand should be chosen: symbolism, trademark, commercial name, and how to protect against violations?