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A land plot donation agreement is one of the forms of obtaining ownership rights. Let's consider the aspects of the land donation agreement in Ukraine, what requirements are stipulated for it, what taxes, how to avoid risks when concluding an agreement?


Nonprofit status denotes that an organization is exempt from the obligation to calculate and pay income taxes. In this context, it's important to determine which organizations in Ukraine qualify as nonprofits and to learn the procedures for obtaining and maintaining nonprofit status without risking its revocation.


What is a certificate of no outstanding tax liabilities, and when is it necessary to obtain one? Understanding its significance for foreign corporate clients. Legal assistance for businesses and taxpayers.


Legal changes in the transfer of land ownership during the war in Ukraine. Who is allowed to acquire land through free privatization during martial law? Legal assistance on land privatization free of charge.


Creating an up-to-date version of the statute is a key aspect of the organization's management and activity. Who has the right to sign the organization's charter and what is the procedure for signing a new edition of the Charter? Legal assistance in the development and registration of the charter.


Consideration of the process of formation and selection of management in LLC. What are the key requirements for persons wishing to hold the position of manager in a limited liability company, what are their powers and duties? Legal support in the selection of management for the company.


An exploration of the roles and duties of the management bodies in a Limited Liability Company (LLC). How do these bodies interact, fulfill their functions, and meet their management responsibilities in an LLC? Examining control mechanisms and reporting requirements. Legal assistance for LLCs.


Consideration of the responsibility of the founder of the company and what is included in the scope of responsibility of the director of the LLC. What awaits the management for failure to fulfill its duties? About the importance of legal support of the LLC.


How does a pre-trial settlement take place when establishing the fact of birth in Ukraine and what is the court procedure? How to establish the fact of birth in the occupied territory? Legal assistance.


Essential considerations for selecting the method of transferring ownership of a land plot. What are the mechanisms for the automatic transfer of land rights during property transactions, and which categories of land in Ukraine cannot be purchased by foreign nationals? A comprehensive legal consultation.


How can one acquire the status of a volunteer organization in Ukraine, and what documents are required for this process? Where can one obtain certificates of the organization's non-profit status? Legal assistance for non-profit organizations.


How to find out if a license is required to import liquid for electronic cigarettes into Ukraine? Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids: Whose regulatory competence? Assistance with obtaining licenses and customs clearance of goods.