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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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With the onset of martial law in Ukraine, the number of foreigners eager to assist in the country's defense efforts has increased significantly. These individuals have engaged in volunteer work, which has allowed them to obtain temporary residence permits in the country. According to current legislation, the government has simplified the process for these individuals to extend their stay in Ukraine. This is indeed convenient for foreign volunteers, although it raises several questions:

  • What are the specific terms and conditions for renewing or exchanging a temporary residence permit during wartime?
  • What issues might arise if a permit expires during martial law?
  • Is documentation of volunteer activities required for the permit renewal?
  • What are the necessary steps if a volunteer changes organizations?

Our forthcoming article will delve into these questions. We aim to uncover whether the process is as seamless in practice as intended, or if there are persistent issues with the expiration of temporary residence permits despite the legislative changes. We will also highlight several successful case studies involving the extension of these permits, addressing complex situations as well. If you need more than just information—if you're in immediate need of legal assistance with immigration law—please reach out to us. 

With over 15 years of experience in migration issues, we are well-equipped to handle any situation, even those involving force majeure. Our team has over 15 years of experience in migration matters and is adept at navigating even the most challenging scenarios, including those involving force majeure. Our experts promise reliability and utmost comfort; you will be assigned a personal manager who is always available to provide comprehensive and timely information.

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Extension of Temporary Residence Permits During Martial Law for Volunteers: Changes and Implications

Under Resolution No. 1202, the validity of temporary and permanent residence permits (except those issued to Russian Federation citizens) has been automatically extended for the duration of martial law and 30 calendar days following its termination or cancellation. This means that residence permits that have expired or are due for exchange will not be canceled as was previously the case but will continue to provide a legal basis for residing in Ukraine.

Practically, this raises a question: Is an expired residence permit truly a reliable basis for continuing to live in Ukraine? According to immigration authorities, the answer is yes. In their records, such documents are still considered valid, meaning that failure to renew a residence permit will not result in administrative penalties, fines, or other adverse consequences, including violations of the regulations governing foreigners' stay in Ukraine. Other government bodies, however, may not adhere to the same guidelines as the migration service.

It’s important to note that during the war, significant attention is paid to verifying the authenticity of volunteer activities when exchanging residence permits. We alert our clients, especially those who have been volunteering for many years and are now renewing their permits, that while they have not previously faced issues, the risk of denial is currently much higher. Therefore, our primary objective is to facilitate their legal status in Ukraine and document renewal so they can continue their critical work without bureaucratic hindrances.

Historically, the migration service did not involve itself in the operations of volunteer organizations. However, due to concerns about "dishonest" organizations, this has sometimes led to the unlawful legalization of foreigners. This is the reason for the stringent checks by the State Migration Service, which for many results in the denial of permit renewals. To prevent legitimate volunteers from encountering difficulties and receiving unwarranted denials, our experts assist in preparing a proper set of documents that verifies the validity and legality of the volunteers’ activities. Moreover, our lawyers provide guidance on preparing for interviews with the migration service.

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Temporary Residence Permits During Wartime for Volunteers: What If It's Not Renewed?

A foreign volunteer reached out to us after encountering a challenging situation. He needed to change his registered place of residence in Kyiv. For this purpose, he visited the nearest Administrative Services Center, where he was denied service due to the expiration of his identification card, which, according to the Administrative Services Center, meant he no longer had a document proving his legal residency in Ukraine.

The client approached us to help contest the actions of theAdministrative Services Center's staff. Upon reviewing his documents, we advised that the correct course of action was to renew his residence permit through the migration service. We provided full support for the exchange of his temporary residence permit.

Many of our clients have faced a situation where the expiration of their residence permit has made it impossible to use services provided by the "Diia" app, which requires a valid temporary or permanent residence permit for registration. If the expiration date of the residence permit is inputted, the system will not proceed with services that have lapsed. The same issue occurs when trying to access banking and other services.

Our law firm has extensive experience working with foreigners living in Ukraine on a volunteer basis. We offer a full range of legal services for extending the validity of temporary  residence permits, including consultations, document preparation, and liaising with the relevant government bodies. That's why all our regular clients who receive our legal support get timely notifications about the need to renew their residency documents.

We explain the potential negative consequences of not renewing the permit, considering each individual's circumstances, and highlight possible risks. Let's discuss one such case further.

Extending Temporary Residence Permits for Citizens from High-Risk Migration Countries

Take, for example, one of our regular clients—a citizen of Tajikistan—who, through our consultations and advice, has gained a comprehensive understanding of the residency extension process. Because temporary residence permits based on volunteer activities are issued annually, he turns to us each year for expert assistance in extending his legal residency in Ukraine. His situation is complicated by the fact that Tajikistan is considered a high-risk migration country, which leads to meticulous examinations by the migration authorities. With the guidance of our specialists, the client is well-prepared and understands:

  • What specific questions the migration service is interested in?
  • How to respond correctly during the interview?
  • How to document his activities clearly and comprehensively?

With our legal support, thorough document preparation, and careful management of the extension process, this foreign national has successfully renewed his temporary residence permit for the second consecutive year.

Renewing a Temporary Residence Permit for Volunteers: Expiry and Organizational Changes

Another of our clients, a citizen of Lithuania, faced not only the need to renew his temporary residence due to its expiry but also had to change the organization where he was volunteering due to certain circumstances. Our team managed several crucial aspects of this process:

  • Ensuring that all document submission deadlines for the permit renewal were met.
  • Properly drafting and sending a letter from the previous organization to the migration service, notifying them of the end of their relationship with the volunteer.
  • Verifying the continuation of the volunteer activities in a new organization.
  • Ensuring the timelines for ending an association with one organization and beginning with another were adhered to.

We helped prepare all necessary documents and ensured their timely submission for our client’s residence permit renewal.

Our migration lawyers advise foreigners who have obtained temporary residence permits in Ukraine based on volunteering not to delay and seek professional legal consultation and support for extending their permits.

Our services include:

  • Advising on the feasibility of extending temporary residence in Ukraine based on volunteering, including anticipated timeframes, costs, and procedures.
  • Analyzing existing documents, preparing necessary documents, or providing guidance on collecting missing documents.
  • Facilitating document submission to the migration authorities in Kyiv, or managing the document package if filed outside of Kyiv.
  • Assisting with the payment of official fees and dues during the process.
  • Keeping the client informed about the status of their temporary residence permit in Ukraine. 

Timely and appropriate support from our team can help prevent serious legal and practical problems, ensuring lawful residency in Ukraine. Click the "Order a Call" button or call us to schedule a consultation with our experts. We are here to assist you!

Publication date: 07/03/2024

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