Fire protection license and fire declaration: what is the difference?

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In our practice, we often encounter confusion between the terms "fire license" and "fire safety certificate," with people not understanding who needs which document. Let's clarify the substantial differences between these regulatory documents, who requires each, and why they should not be confused.

What is a Fire License?

The full name is a license for economic activities related to providing services and performing work for firefighting purposes. These Licensing Conditions regulate its issuance.

What activities does this license involve?

  • Installation of various firefighting systems, such as fire alarms, fire notifications, smoke protection systems, and fire extinguishing systems (water, foam, aerosol, etc.).
  • Conducting assessments and expertise of the firefighting condition of enterprises, and real estate objects (buildings, premises, or their parts). In other words, those who need a firefighting declaration, as we'll explain below.
  • Supporting operational readiness – maintenance of the aforementioned systems.
  • Monitoring firefighting protection systems.

In simple terms, a fire license is needed if you plan to work on installing and maintaining fire alarm systems. Typically, this involves either specialized agencies or, as in our practice, developers who want to offer a comprehensive range of services to their clients.

What is a Fire Safety Certificate?

Let's delve into the concept of a fire safety certificate, a document crucial for ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. Its complete title is a certificate of compliance of the material and technical base of a business entity with the requirements of fire safety legislation.

Why is this certificate needed?

This certificate serves as evidence that the material and technical aspects of a business meet the stipulated fire safety standards, providing a basis for the safe operation of the premises.

Who obtains this certificate?

Business entities, especially those in the initiation phase of their activities, such as private schools, manufacturing facilities, or establishments in the public catering sector.

Where and How to Obtain a Fire Safety Certificate?

When initiating a new business or putting a facility into operation, the initial step involves engaging with entities licensed to provide services and perform tasks related to fire safety. These are the entities discussed earlier, possessing the necessary licenses. Their responsibility is to assess and examine the fire safety condition of the facility, providing a conclusion based on the assessment results. Once such a conclusion is obtained, the next step is to complete the required documentation, including the fire safety certificate, using the prescribed form as per the relevant Procedure. This documentation should be submitted to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine for the issuance of the Fire Safety Certificate.

To clarify, those obtaining a fire license are individuals or entities tasked with conducting fire safety operations, such as installing fire protection systems and assessing fire safety. On the other hand, fire safety certificates are obtained by any business entity planning to put a facility into operation. These entities can seek assistance from those holding the required licenses.

We hope that now you won't mix up these concepts, and you won't confuse them. If you need help obtaining any of these documents, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our specialists will assist you in understanding the requirements for obtaining these documents, handling all organizational and legal aspects, and providing professional support throughout the process.

Don't waste time; contact us for efficient and secure fire safety certification for your facility.

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Publication date: 12/10/2023
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