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The tax authorities may conduct quite a few types of possible audits at your company. We wrote about different types of tax audits here. The law promises rather unpleasant consequences for businesses if an audit reveals any violations.

Any unreported operations may lead to additional tax charges, penalties, as well as cause the termination or recognition of certain agreements as void. Whatever the case, every tax audit is stressful.

We offer you a qualitative audit of your company before the tax inspection. Our accountants and lawyers work together to ensure a double check and a professional audit.

We will not only conduct an audit, but also tell you how to proceed, how to behave during the audit and what to do if an audit reveals violations.

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Legal advice on the tax audit in Kyiv

Of course, you can conduct an audit with your own accountant, if you have one, but this is fraught with certain inconveniences and risks:

  • A quality audit takes a lot of time, which means that your full-time accountant will have to put all the routine work aside, which is fraught with new errors;

  • A detailed audit requires professional knowledge and an understanding of exactly what the tax authority will be looking for and what it will pay attention to first. That kind of knowledge only comes with experience.

While an audit conducted by professionals in this field gives you the following benefits:

  • Deep expertise - our experts know where and what to look for, moreover, they are not interested in hiding the detected errors. Our task is to help you find flaws and eliminate them, or, if this can’t be done before the inspection - to prepare for the consequences in advance;

  • Due diligence - we will conduct a three-year review of documentation, which will allow us to identify errors and develop a strategy to eliminate them. You will not have to distract your accountant from his/her routine work;

  • Confidentiality - the information provided by you will be available only to the lawyers who will conduct the audit;

  • Consultation of the tax lawyer - after the audit our tax lawyer will provide you with his/her opinion and recommendations for the upcoming audit.

The task of a tax audit is to identify discrepancies between the real data on the economic activities of the company and those that have been sent to the tax authorities when submitting statements.

Timely and thorough audit will help to avoid charges or other penalties from the tax authorities, as well as to identify problematic points in the company’s reporting and eliminate them.

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Legal services for audit before the tax inspection in Kyiv from our company

Our specialists offer you the following services:

  • Comprehensive tax audit for companies in Ukraine;

  • Inspection of the accounting statements of the company after the change of an accountant, director or chief financial officer;

  • Review of the information provided to the tax authorities on economic activities of the company for the designated period;

  • Independent collection of data on the company operation for a certain period;

  • Analysis of the revealed discrepancies and violations;

  • Recommendations on elimination of violations;

  • Recommendations of a lawyer on a tax audit.

If you are in a situation where a tax audit has already taken place and you have received the Inspection Findings Report - we can help you with appealing the decisions of the tax authority. Learn more about the procedure here.

You can find out the cost of the pre-audit services from our specialists by phone or in other convenient ways for you. The price for the legal services will depend on the type of audit, the urgency of the audit and the final amount of services you will need.

The preliminary tax audit will allow you:

  • to reduce the time of the tax audit;

  • to be sure of the result of the audit;

  • to get an unbiased assessment and expert opinion, which will not only help to identify violations in time, but also to eliminate them before the tax audit.

Are you selected for a tax audit and want to make sure it goes smoothly? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our lawyers will conduct a pre-tax audit and help you prepare for all possible surprises in advance.

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Publication date: 01/04/2021

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