What Is an Invitation Letter to Ukraine From a Legal Entity? What Are the Advantages?

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An invitation letter to Ukraine will be required for foreigners intending to get a D or C visa to enter Ukraine. Most often, if you need an invitation letter, it means that you are going to Ukraine for a certain purpose. This may be a visit to relatives, employment or even short-term work at the representative office of a foreign company.

Usually an invitation letter is only the first step. If your plans include not only a visit to Ukraine, but also a long-term stay on the territory of the country you will need to undergo the procedure of obtaining a residence permit on the grounds you have.

Our company offers a business invitation letter, i.e. an invitation letter to Ukraine issued by a legal entity (a Ukrainian company).

Today we will tell you about the advantages of this kind of an invitation letter.

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Why an invitation to Ukraine from a legal entity will give you a better chance of obtaining a visa?

By issuing a business invitation letter, a Ukrainian company assumes certain obligations - first of all, to finance the deportation of a foreigner, if necessary, or to notify the migration authorities about the loss of relevance of the invitation in certain cases. For migration authorities such guarantees are more weighty than an invitation from a physical person - a relative or even a fiancée. 

Unfortunately, invitation letters from physical persons are often questionable, and to prove that you are really going, for example, to the bride, in order to get married in Ukraine, you will have to apply to the Migration Service or even the SBU.

Please note! Unfortunately, having an invitation letter from a physical person or a legal entity is not a guarantee of your unimpeded entry into the territory of Ukraine. If the invitation letter is drafted incorrectly, you will be rejected.

However, there is no approved form of the invitation letter - when making it you can rely solely on the norms of Ukrainian legislation and experience of communicating with Ukrainian migration authorities.

Today we offer our Clients the services for drafting invitation letters that have passed the test of time. We draw up an invitation letter from a law firm on a notary’s letterhead, which will be an additional indicator of its reliability and trustworthiness.

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The price and the period for preparing an invitation to ukraine for a foreign national

We offer our Clients the following services:

  • Introductory consultation on the Client’s situation, process of issuing an invitation and rules of its application in the future;

  • Drafting the invitation on behalf of the company in Ukraine with the signature of the head of the company;

  • If necessary, we assist in obtaining the visa, including a health insurance policy and submitting documents to the visa center.

You can see the price of invitation to Ukraine from a legal entity here. We have compiled for you the best possible packages depending on the amount of legal services you may need. If you do not know exactly which package to choose, or are afraid that your situation is non-standard, please contact our specialists to form a personal package of services.

The period of the invitation issuing - 1-3 business days. 

The duration of the invitation to Ukraine is 90 days maximum. If you intend to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit within these 90 days - we will organize the whole process for you without any risk of failure to meet the required deadlines.

Do you want to be guaranteed to come to Ukraine? Don’t hesitate to contact us for an invitation to Ukraine from a legal entity. We will take care that you cross the border without risk and, if necessary, legalize your stay here.

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Publication date: 27/05/2021

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