An invitation for an IT specialist from India to Ukraine in 2023

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Immigration (Permanent Residence) of IT-Specialists To Ukraine
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While all countries of the world have differently restricted a large influx of tourists and foreigners for the period of quarantine, Ukraine has banned a 30 days entry for a large number of non-residents and approved the list of those who were allowed to enter.

Thus, from a temporary ban on entry into the country were removed, for example, such categories as:

Our company was contacted by a citizen of India, who needed to be in Ukraine during the quarantine. Our Client turned out to be an IT-specialist who worked in a foreign company. This is what helped us to solve his problem with legal stay in Ukraine.

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Does an IT specialist from India have an opportunity to enter Ukraine during the quarantine period?

The problem is that the Ukrainian legislation, putting the above restrictions on entry into Ukraine, did not specify the concept of “technical specialists”, and therefore many, including IT specialists, did not understand whether they can enter Ukraine, and under what conditions.

We proposed to address this issue in the following way:

  • We conducted legal examination of the one who falls into the category of “technical specialists”;
  • Our lawyers made an official request to such authorities as the Border Guard Service and Migration Service, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The mentioned state bodies provided us with an exact explanation that IT-specialists fall under the meaning of technical workers, which means they are allowed to enter Ukraine during the 30 day ban. 

Legal assistance to foreigners wishing to come to Ukraine during quarantine

Then our work was to provide our standard service - drawing up a competently written invitation letter from a Ukrainian legal entity for a citizen of India, which allowed our Client to get a visa to Ukraine within two weeks. 

As for the period, this procedure took us only two days to clarify the circumstances of the case and arrange the invitation for the foreigner, which gave him the opportunity to arrange his legal stay in Ukraine up to 3 months. 

Due to the current situation in the world, and in Ukraine, including the changing rules of entry into the country, it is very difficult to understand who and when can legally enter Ukraine. Therefore, if you need to stay in Ukraine for 90 days, taking into account the ban on entry for many categories of foreigners, our migration lawyers can help you solve this problem. 

Do you need help coming to Ukraine during the quarantine? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We can help to issue an invitation letter for a foreign IT specialist to Ukraine, as well as offer other options for legal stay in Ukraine.

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Publication date: 16/10/2020

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