Ukrainian Business Visa: How To Write A Business Invitation Letter To Ukraine?

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An invitation letter to Ukraine for a foreigner is the first step to arrange your activity and stay in Ukraine for the period you need.

You will need an invitation letter in a variety of cases:

  • when visiting Ukrainian relatives or friends (issued by physical person-citizen of Ukraine) - suitable only if you plan a short-term visit to Ukraine;

  • when arranging labor relations in Ukraine, connection with a business partner - in this case you need a business invitation letter, i.e. invitation to Ukraine issued by a legal entity;

  • for short-term or long-term work at the representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine, an invitation letter is issued on behalf of the representative office.

Most often, issuing an invitation letter is not a problem. But you may have questions, for example, about further residency in Ukraine or how to get a visa online after obtaining a business invitation letter?

Well, it is important to understand that the invitation letter is only the first step. It will give you a limited amount of time to properly execute the documents for a residence permit or employment in Ukraine. If you fail to do everything time - you’ll have to start all over again. 

What is the algorithm of action to choose?

Issuing a business invitation letter to Ukraine and legalization of stay on a turnkey basis.

Our company offers a full range of services aimed at legalization of your stay in Ukraine to the extent you need. 

If you do not know exactly how to act after getting an invitation letter or you are simply not confident in your abilities to handle confusing foreign legislation - we will take care of organizing your legal stay in Ukraine.

Today, those wishing to cross the border of Ukraine may face difficulties even with scheduling an appointment for the interview. Many consulates do not have an option to schedule an appointment online or have even stopped issuing visas. In this case, you will have to think about going to another country, where you could get a visa to Ukraine. 

However, many consulates adhere to the principle of limited jurisdiction for issuing visas. For example, recently our Client went to Turkey to get a visa, but he was refused, because consulates of Turkey issue visas to Ukraine only for citizens of Turkey, while he was a foreigner. But some consulates in Krakow or Warsaw issue visas not only for Polish citizens, but also for citizens of other countries.

Our job is to check if you can schedule an appointment at the consulate and offer you the easiest and fastest option. When analyzing your case, we also necessarily take into account the current situation and quarantine restrictions of the countries, so that you do not waste time.

A business invitation letter to Ukraine is the first official step, and we will help you make it happen. But we offer you more - the opportunity to get an invitation letter, schedule an interview and obtain a visa in a week, and then enter the country.

Please note! A company issuing such a document is responsible for a foreigner (for financial deportation if needed) - this is one of the reasons why you will be allowed to enter Ukraine. By choosing the company carefully, you will protect yourself from unnecessary waste of time and money and get a reliable partner in the process of legalization of your stay in Ukraine.

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What is the procedure for issuing a business invitation letter to Ukraine with our company?

Our company will prepare a business invitation letter to Ukraine in 1 day.

For this purpose, we will need only your passport. We will prepare all other documents by ourselves.

On our service page you can choose one of three invitation packages, where the Minimal package includes basic documents and the Premium package includes additional documents such as an insurance policy that you will need for further legalization of your stay in Ukraine.

If you are not yet certain whether you will be able to cope with the deadline for obtaining a visa to Ukraine after you receive a business invitation letter, we can provide you with all the information at the initial consultation. We will analyze your specific situation and find a solution to the most complicated cases.

We can help with the proper arrangement of the amount of money that a foreigner must have in order to enter Ukraine (not many people know that such an amount of money can include, for example, the cost of a hotel room booking, etc.).

Our firm also provided and will continue to provide assistance in organizing the legal stay of foreigners in Ukraine during the general quarantine. You can read about how we organized a visit to Ukraine for IT specialists during the lockdown here.

Do you want to get a business invitation letter to Ukraine and arrange your further stay on its territory without any problems? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will not only issue the invitation letter within a few hours, but also help you obtain the visa you need. 

Please note! Today many consulates have a problem with the issuance of visas for citizens of third world countries. This internal practice of consulates has a conditional legal basis - there is an official list of the so-called “migration risk” countries, and citizens of such countries face great restrictions on obtaining a visa.

As a result, a business invitation letter is often not a sufficient document for citizens of such countries to obtain a visa to Ukraine - and they are often refused the visa. In such cases, we can also offer a solution by entering Ukraine on the basis of a work permit.

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Publication date: 20/01/2021

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