What Is a Legal Opinion Letter?

A legal opinion letter is a document written on the basis of the lawyer’s special knowledge. Such a document is usually drafted at the Client’s request. In the opinion letter, the lawyer answers the Client’s questions and provides information that is worth knowing about the matter covered herein based on the lawyer’s knowledge and experience. In addition, the legal opinion letter often contains information about the potential negative consequences, risks.

Thus, a legal opinion letter is a structured, written answer of a lawyer to a legal question posed by the Client, executed in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

Of course, not all opinion letters are created equal. You have probably seen the legal opinion letters containing a dozen pages that look more like a scientific thesis. They are difficult to understand and they do not solve your problem - do not make the question clearer and do not help to make an appropriate decision.

The lawyers of Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm see the legal opinion as a document written in a plain language. It primarily serves to make the solution of the legal issue easier. After reading it, the right decision will become obvious.

We prepare legal opinion letters of various kinds. They include a legal analysis of the specific situation (case) of the Client, a possible or already completed transaction, an opinion letter on the legal status of the potential or current partner, the litigation, etc.

Our mission is to make the solution of any legal issues simple. And the legal opinion letter is one of the most effective ways to make head of the question torturing you.

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Publication date: 29/01/2020

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