Where to open a foreign representative office in Ukraine?

Foreign companies can conduct economic activities within Ukraine in various ways. Today we will talk about such an option as starting a foreign representative office (RO). 

In our publication you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What type of a representative office to register in Ukraine?
  • How to register a representative office in Ukraine?

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Which type of a representative office in Ukraine to choose?

Representative offices can be divided into two types: 

  1. A permanent representative office is one that carries out all or part of its business activities on a permanent basis. For example, a branch, office, factory;
  2. A non-permanent representative office is characterized by the fact that it can’t conduct the same business activity as the parent company located outside of Ukraine, but has an auxiliary character. For example, it may be a warehouse used to hold a certain amount of goods or products belonging to a non-resident directly for storage.

The key differences between these representative offices are as follows:

  • The activity of a non-permanent representative office is not subject to taxation;
  • A non-permanent representative office can’t conduct any entrepreneurial activity and receive any income.

Accordingly, you should clearly understand the purpose of your representative office in Ukraine: business activity or auxiliary office.

Please read more information on taxation of both types of representative offices and organization of accounting of representative office activity here.

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Where do you submit the documents for registration of a representative office in Ukraine?

In order to register a foreign representative office, it is necessary to submit a list of documents to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, which is located at: 12/2 Grushevskogo St., Kyiv, 01008, Ukraine.

Documents for the foreign representative office registration include:

  • An application for registration;
  • Extract from the trade/bank register of the country where the parent company is located;
  • Certificate from the bank where the foreign company’s account is officially opened;
  • Power of attorney for the future director/head of the representative office to act in a representative capacity.

There are a number of cases when the documents shall be certified by a notary at the place of their issue and respectively legalized in Ukraine. More details about the legalization procedure can be found here.

If you decide to set up a permanent representative office in Ukraine, in addition to registration with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, you will need to register it with the tax office at the place of registration and get the appropriate status of a representative office. 

Please note! The documents for registration shall be submitted not later than 6 months following the date of their issue in the country of the foreign parent company.

How long will it take to register a representative office?

The period of 1 calendar month is enshrined at the statutory level. However, in practice, the whole procedure takes 1-1.5 months. In this case, the period of registration begins from the day of payment of state registration fees. The amount of such fee is UAH 2,197 as of July 2020. 

The registration procedure can be much faster and easier for a qualified specialist who knows exactly payment time limits, the procedure for submitting documents, on what account the state fee should be paid. 

Our lawyers are partners of many foreign companies that are interested in developing their business in Ukraine. We can help you both to register your representative office in Kyiv, and to understand the peculiarities of doing  business in Ukraine, for example, in terms of personnel accounting or repatriation of money to the parent company.

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Publication date: 04/08/2020

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