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We were contacted by a Client with whom we have repeatedly cooperated – an American citizen with a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine. He has many acquaintances in Palestine, Jordan, and Syria, and he often receives requests for help, advice, and contacts to execute documents and move to Ukraine. Of course, this comes as no surprise. A familiar person, a compatriot inspires more trust, people are easier to contact, ready to pay for services and wait for their positive result.

This also applies to agencies that are approached locally, i.e. locals. Their advice, explanations and arguments are perceived more appropriately, and services are sold more easily.

Having a positive experience of cooperation with us in obtaining residence permits and solving a number of legal issues in Ukraine on the one hand, and a number of requests for assistance from clients from abroad on the other hand, he turned to us with a question about the partnership program.

It must be a partnership program on obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit through the legal employment of a foreigner in Ukraine (obtaining a Work Permit for a foreigner) or the creation of personal business for the wishing Clients and legal advice in Ukraine.

Since our company has its own migration department and systematic organization of work processes, we are always ready for such challenges.

We proposed to cooperate as follows:

The Clients involved will pay for the services according to our standard price and receive quality services with a guaranteed result, and he, as our partner, will have a percentage depending on the number of Clients who apply to us for his assistance. The difference will be returned in a stipulated way.

Looking for a legal partner in any country for projects of this type, you must be sure of the following aspects:

  • the security of your Clients’ financial investments;
  • the ability of a legal partner to meet the needs of your Clients;
  • the clarity of the work algorithm both for you and for your Clients.

All this is necessary, because in case of unsatisfactory work of the legal partner in another country, disappointed Clients will turn with the claims exactly to you, as the person with whom they had contact first.

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How can we guarantee the safety of the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for the Clients of our partners?

Firstly, we offer a completely legal scheme for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, even if, at first glance, there are no grounds for obtaining such a permit.

To get a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine we:

  • create a company (Limited Liability Company) for the employment of the worker;
  • prepare the documents for submission to the Administrative Services Center (the ASC) for the Work Permit;
  • arrange the translation of the passport, the draft of the agreement;
  • submit documents to the ASC;
  • prepare the details for the payment of the Work Permit and make the payment by the due date;
  • get a health insurance policy for 3 years of stay in Ukraine, including Covid-19 (necessary for obtaining a visa);
  • prepare and send to the foreigner a package of documents for obtaining a visa D;
  • assist with pre-registration at the Embassy, provide instructions on how to obtain visa D, in particular for the interview.

Please note! Do not agree to conditions under which a law firm will offer employment to foreigners in the same existing company. Such “fictitious” companies very quickly become known to the migration and customs authorities and become “blacklisted”. This means that such a foreigner won’t be allowed to cross the border of Ukraine – we talked about such cases here.

The procedure of obtaining a residence permit on the basis of employment requires:

  • a Work Permit in Ukraine;
  • Obligation of employer to notify relevant state authorities about dismissal of a foreigner or change of information about him/her;
  • Information from the register of legal entities about the company.

The full procedure and conditions can be found here.

We also prepare:

  • notarial translation of a foreign passport and other documents issued abroad in a foreign language (our company cooperates with a number of professional translation agencies that can make translation even from relatively rare languages);
  • health insurance policy (this policy can be used not only for obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine);
  • registration in Kyiv and Kyiv region for a foreigner for six months, one year or other agreed period (we can both help with registration at the existing address of the foreign citizen, and help you to find a nominal address).

Our migration lawyers provided legal support to migration projects for citizens of the USA (a number of states), Germany, Turkey, India, Sweden, Great Britain, Slovenia, Seychelles, Afghanistan, Iran and other countries.

Since our Client has already gone through such a procedure with us, and with our help was able to move his family to Ukraine, he clearly understood the procedure of obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit, and knew our principles:

  • Focusing on the Client’s goal, rather than on a case-by-case task performance – we work with each Client in a way which allows us to meet their ultimate needs as a result of our cooperation;
  • Professionalism of lawyers – we have a team of only professionals, working in different fields of law, which enables us to solve legal problems of any level and direction for our Clients;
  • Transparency of our actions – each Client in our company communicates with a personal Client manager, who is constantly in touch and keeps them informed;
  • Financial commitment – we never work without prepayment. However, after signing an agreement with us, the Client will know exactly the service fee to be paid – the price is set once and never changes. Moreover, in case we fail to fulfill our obligations, the money is returned to the Client.

It’s worth remembering that often it is not the interest rate at which you are offered to cooperate, but the reputation of the company, its experience and competently designed scheme of cooperation that plays a decisive role.

If you want to know the cost of our services for obtaining temporary residence permits, please click here.

If you want to know the terms and conditions of the partner program, please contact our experts in any convenient way for you.

Publication date: 16/02/2022

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