Where can I get a fire license?

A license of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine or a license for economic activities related to providing services and performing fire-fighting operations is a permit that you will need in cases where you want to perform such activities as:

  • fire fighting system installation, 
  • fire alarm installation,
  • installation of smoke protection systems;
  • maintenance of fire alarm systems, 
  • maintenance of fire extinguishers;
  • fire protection treatment / impregnation;
  • assessment / expertise of fire safety conditions of new enterprises and real estate objects.   

Today we will elaborate on the procedure of obtaining a Fire License and will try to explain where the pitfalls are hidden and what to pay attention to. 

Who issues the Fire License? 

Documents for obtaining the Fire License must be submitted to the State Service for Emergency Situations (hereinafter - SES), which is located at: 01601, Kyiv, 55-a Gonchar Str., contact phone number: (044) 278-06-51.

You should also consider the need to pay the official state fee for obtaining such a license in the amount of UAH 2,197. 

The Fire License is issued for an indefinite period of time. 

The period for obtaining the Fire License.

The whole process can be divided into stages, each with its own period:

1. Preparation of documents. On average, our lawyers are able to prepare the documents required for submission in 2-3 business days. We have to take into account many aspects in order to properly gather the required set of documents. A common mistake the applicants make when passing this stage is poor quality completion of the statements. For example, incorrectly specified data on education and qualification of workers. 

Of course, experience in obtaining licenses helps our lawyers to cope with the preparation faster than you can do it yourself, thanks to ready-made templates.

2. Submission of documents and consideration of them. The time to consider your documents and issue a license usually takes 2-3 weeks.   

In the process of providing the service, our lawyers carefully monitor the consideration of your documents and are in contact with the SES to deal with any problems and delays, if any.

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Requirements for obtaining the Fire License.

In order to have a chance to obtain a license for such activity, it will be necessary to take care of compliance with the requirements for the following items: 

  • premises (office); 

This space may be yours on the basis of a right of ownership or on the rental basis. If you do not know how to properly select the premises, it is worth consulting with specialists. The premises must meet requirements in terms of area, layout, etc.

  • staff compliant with the licensing requirements; 

The complexity of this point is that the director of the company must have a field-specific education and work experience from 3 to 5 years (depends on the type of license you want to get). We can help you to prepare your documents correctly and choose the right specialists. 

  • material and technical base (equipment); 

According to the licensing requirements, the applicants for each type of the Fire License must have a certain list of equipment. For example, the licensees engaged in maintenance of primary fire extinguishing means, except for two premises (office and warehouse) must also have: 

  • an extinguisher disassembly and assembly machine;
  • a stand for washing and cleaning of fire extinguishers;
  • a stand for hydraulic testing of fire extinguisher shells;
  • a stand for pneumatic testing of shut-off and start-up devices;
  • a charging station (for powder and gas fire extinguishers);
  • a painting chamber;
  • a compressor.

A separate item of requirements will be a package of properly executed and drawn up documents, which can be submitted in person or by mail, including the list of attachments. Such package shall contain: 

  1. application for the license; 
  2. statements on the availability of the minimum number of employees with the specified education, length of service and qualification level; 
  3. statements of compliance with technological requirements regarding the availability of material and technical base;
  4. lease agreement or ownership of the premises; 
  5. diplomas of specialists; 
  6. orders on appointment of employees.

The correct execution of the documents package directly affects your chances of obtaining the Fire License. Our specialists will help not only to compile and collect the necessary documents package, but also offer an individual solution to such problems as lack of necessary staff or other obstacles that hinder the achievement of the goal.

Once the requirements are met and all the necessary preparations are made, the documents are submitted to the SES, and it remains only to wait for the results of the meeting of the Department of Emergency Prevention (a structural unit that directly carries out licensing of these activities).

Based on the results of the meeting, the licensing authority makes its decision to issue a license and draws up an electronic license, which is further displayed in the extract from the Unified State Register, which is issued to the licensee free of charge and published on the portals of electronic services. 

Interesting: If desired, you can get a paper copy of the license issuance order with an explanation of when and what kind of licensing activity was approved by the licensing authority. We can organize the receipt of a paper license and help in solving other emerging problems during the licensing of your activities.

We will get you a license of the Ministry of Emergency Situations quickly and easily. Please, call us to clarify the details.

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Publication date: 10/08/2020

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