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Legal consultation

Legal advice online

Legal advice online

What we do

  • Advise on legal issues that arise in the course of business activity;
  • Provide online advice on licensing of various business areas: medical licenses, security services licenses, electricity supply licenses, etc..;
  • Help with urgent issues: How to terminate the lease agreement? How to properly organize the company’s work during quarantine? etc.;
  • Offer a ready-made package of documents on quarantining the company’s employees or transition them to remote work. This will help you avoid problems with the inspection authorities in the future;
  • Provide online assistance in developing and revising agreements with customers or suppliers;
  • And much more.


Legal Advice Online
from 1500 UAH

At a time when the whole world is switching to computerization of processes and the speed of solving any questions should be reduced, online consultation is an opportunity to get informative answers to your questions quickly and qualitatively.

You do not need to go anywhere, worry about whether you have taken all the necessary documents with you and spend extra time. We have been building the work of our company with the possibility of remote consultations for a long time and now we provide such services every day. 

The basic cost of legal advice online depends on the complexity and diversification of your case. On average, our services cost from UAH 1,500 to UAH 2,500 UAH for a comprehensive advice.  

In more difficult situations, if, for example, it is necessary to calculate precisely the cost of the project and give a guarantee that there will be no hidden payments - consultation from the primary goes to the status of "COMPRED" and can cost up to 8 000 UAH. 

Consultations are held via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, by phone, etc. 

Please note: All consultations are provided by prior agreement and upon the receipt of the payment.


  • plus

    We have been working in the legal services market for over 13 years.

    In order to solve Your problem, our lawyers do not need a month to dig in the documents. Deep legal expertise and proper organization of the process allows us to give You the answer quickly and easily.
  • plus

    A well-established process

    We have been providing advice online for a long time. More than 80% of our Clients work with us without coming to Kiev, including staying abroad. Therefore, we clearly understand how to organize the whole process without losing Your time and money.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Necessary documents

  • Information on your case
  • The basic documents that our manager will request

How does legal advice online work?

The process of online interaction with our lawyers is very simple:

  • You call us or contact the company in any other way convenient for You and specify Your problem;
  • A client manager describes the terms and conditions of cooperation and gathers the initial necessary information;
  • If You are satisfied with the terms of cooperation, make an advance payment and our lawyers start to work;
  • If we need additional documents to answer Your question or solve problem, You can send them to us by mail or courier delivery service;
  • You can also describe all Your questions in the letter;
  • We appoint a consultation, which is held at Your convenience by a specialized lawyer of our company.

If You want to get a legal opinion on the letterhead of our company - we can send it by mail. 


G. Zeynep Kucuk, SANOVEL ILAC SAN. ve TIC. A.S.

Helped with the liquidation of a foreign representative office in Ukraine
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Important to know

How will You benefit from online consultation?

Online consultation will allow You:

  • To reduce Your issue resolution time. You can get advice where and when it suits You.
  • To get a deep legal expertise of our lawyers without leaving home. Our company deals with the variety of tasks, which allows lawyers to approach the problem in a comprehensive way.
  • To get the whole thing worked out in advance. Now, during the economic crisis and forced downtime for many enterprises, it is extremely important to use Your time wisely. Think about Your actions ahead, the lawyer will help You build a chain of actions and will conduct all the preparatory work that will allow to start a business as soon as it becomes possible.

If You want to reduce Your time investment and get the answer You need quickly and easily, don’t hesitate to call us!


Is the consultation provided free of charge?

No, we value both Your time and our time and believe in the principle of mutual benefit. We provide You with valuable information, take care of Your legal issues and save Your time.

Does one lawyer answer all the questions?

No, our firm employs lawyers of all kinds. Your question will be answered by a specialist in the field in which You need to know.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner