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Ukrainian legislation provides many possibilities for a child (a person under 18 years of age) to obtain citizenship. First of all, it is birth in Ukraine, adoption, recognition of paternity/maternity, Ukrainian citizenship of the child’s mother or father, etc. In this connection one or both foreign parents have an opportunity to become a citizen of our country as well. The procedure is quite complicated and consists of several stages, which we will describe below.

How to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, if your child has one?

We can distinguish the following stages of the procedure for obtaining citizenship for one or both parents:

First, you need to obtain a document (certificate, passport) confirming that the child is a citizen of Ukraine.

Second, on the basis of this document you shall obtain an Immigration Permit and a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine. That is, the documents that allow you to permanently reside in Ukraine.

Third, you must live in Ukraine for 5 years, during this period you must learn Ukrainian (sufficient level for understanding and communication), pass an exam and get an appropriate certificate.

Before submitting documents, it is necessary to obtain a criminal record certificate issued in the country where the foreigner permanently resided before arrival in Ukraine. This is a confirmation that the foreigner did not commit grave or especially grave crimes, crimes against humanity and did not commit genocide on the territory of a foreign country. Please note that this document, if required, must be translated, legalized and valid for 6 months.

You must also confirm your income for the last 6 months or provide a bank statement that shows the required amount of money (12 living wages minimum).

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How to properly make an application for Ukrainian citizenship?

The application must be written to the President of Ukraine. Along with it, an applicant must provide an obligation to renounce foreign citizenship within 2 years after obtaining Ukrainian citizenship or corresponding declaration on absence/rejection of the foreigner’s citizenship.

The documents shall be submitted to the migration service authorities at the place of residence.

If facts of providing incomplete or false information are discovered during the documents review, one of the following decisions may be made:

  • return the documents to correct inconsistencies (e.g., in a situation where there are discrepancies and inaccuracies in the documents, or another foreign nationality is identified). A deadline to eliminate the shortcomings is given, but not more than two months;
  • on termination of proceedings (when admission to citizenship is not allowed: for example, it is revealed that a foreigner has unexpired convictions in Ukraine for committing a grave crime).

Documents must be considered by the Migration Service within eight months, and by the Commission on Citizenship Issues (in the office of the President of Ukraine) within one year. Thus, we have approximately one year and eight months, but as practice shows, often the term of consideration exceeds two years.

After all inspections the President of Ukraine issues the Decree, on the basis of which the migration service will provide the respective certificate, which will be the basis for obtaining:

  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine (when a person filed a declaration of renunciation of the foreigner’s citizenship;
  • temporary certificate of the citizen of Ukraine for a period of two years (if the foreigner undertook to terminate his/her citizenship within 2 years).

The path to obtaining citizenship is not easy, but our lawyers will help you to prepare the necessary documents and avoid unnecessary mistakes, so that the procedure will be simple and comfortable.

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We offer analysis of your situation, best means of obtaining citizenship and full support of the entire procedure.

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Publication date: 01/04/2022

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