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Immigration (Permanent Residence) of IT-Specialists To Ukraine
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We are often contacted by IT specialists from different parts of the world working remotely for a foreign company. Recently, a large number of such specialists seek to work while staying in Ukraine, paying relatively low taxes compared to the countries of the European Union and other world countries. We get requests from both those IT professionals who are applying for a job in Ukrainian companies and those who would like to settle in Ukraine while continuing to work with foreign contractors.

This situation was caused first of all by extremely favorable taxes for IT-activities in Ukraine and also by establishing a quota for Permanent Residence Permits for IT specialists in Ukraine.

Within the specified quota, IT companies located in Ukraine have an opportunity to hire over 5,000 high-class IT specialists. Employees invited under the quota will be able to get a Permanent Residence Permit, which has its own significant advantages described here.

However, obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit takes a lot of time and requires an IT specialist to be officially employed in a Ukrainian company. There is another option, if you, for example, want to work as a sole proprietor, living permanently in Ukraine - obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit by setting up your own company in Ukraine.

For comfortable working conditions and further career development we can offer you two types of documents, by which you can legally work in Ukraine.

Today, we will talk about how a representative of the IT sector can move to Ukraine.

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Immigration to Ukraine IT specialist

How can an IT specialist move to Ukraine through a Temporary Residence Permit?

If you are a foreigner working under a contract, and the main thing you are concerned about is legal residence in Ukraine, as well as receiving official payments with the lowest tax payment - in this case it is advisable to start with obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine. We offer to do it through obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine with starting a legal entity. You can learn the whole procedure in detail here.

In a situation, when you have received a job offer in Ukraine, however it has a project nature and does not provide for your long-term stay in Ukraine (no more than a year or three), a Temporary Residence Permit on the basis of employment may also be the best option.

A Temporary Residence Permit gives you the right to live and work in Ukraine for 6 months to 3 years, with the possibility of multiple extensions. The validity period of the Temporary Residence Permit depends on the validity period of the foreigner’s Work Permit.

Over time, you can choose what is better for you - either to extend your Temporary Residence Permit or to initiate the process of obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit.

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How can an IT specialist move to Ukraine through a quota and a Permanent Residence Permit?

Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine through a quota will work for you, if you:

  • intend to reside in Ukraine permanently and do not want to extend your residence permit every year;
  • want to be able to cross the Ukrainian border often and return without having to apply for a new visa;
  • want to secure a specific position and work in Ukraine;
  • have an incentive to acquire Ukrainian citizenship;
  • intend to bring your relatives to Ukraine.

The lawyers of our company can qualitatively prepare a package of documents required for submission to the state authority.

An important requirement for a specialist is to have at least 3 years of proven experience in the required profession and/or in the IT industry as a whole.

The list of documents to be submitted to the state migration service includes:

  • Documents confirming that the person meets the qualifications of the position (documents of experience gained within the scope of work, educational diplomas, amount of income);
  • Certificates confirming that the person is not ill with chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, substance addiction or infectious diseases, and has no problems with the law;
  • An electronic application (generated when you submit the documents);
  • A copy of the document confirming the identity and legality of stay on the territory of Ukraine;
  • A document confirming the place of residence abroad and in Ukraine;
  • A certificate of family composition, a copy of the marriage certificate (if a person is married);
  • Documents specified in the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration” according to the categories of immigrants.

Working with each specific Client, we assess their situation, analyze and determine the available documents, after which we give a conclusion about the possibility of immigration to Ukraine under a quota for IT-specialists.

Our task is to find the best option for you and provide practical assistance with its implementation.

If you intend to obtain any type of the permit in Ukraine, or find the best option for you, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

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Publication date: 22/12/2021

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