How to start carry out space activities in Ukraine?

The space industry has always been an interesting direction for the development of science, industry and law. Currently, an increasing number of companies invest in the space industry of foreign countries. The time for investments has come in Ukraine as well.

At the end of September 2019, lawmakers adopted a new regulatory act amending the legislation on space activities and allowing private companies to engage in activities related to the space industry.

A large number of analysts and specialists believe that this will lead to an improvement in the investment climate in our country and will help attract foreign companies with significant capital (such as Space X, Spacebit, etc.) to the domestic market.

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What innovations are being introduced in the sphere of regulation of space activities?

First of all, definition of the types of activities that a private space company can carry out and the assignment of various permits for each type of activity.

The list includes activities on:

  • the launch or ensuring the launch of the mother missile, the management and operation thereof;
  • launching or ensuring the launch of a spacecraft, control and its operation;
  • the return of the spacecraft to the territory of Ukraine.

Of course, for carrying out space activities it is necessary to obtain an appropriate permission. If the company carries out activities that do not fall under the above areas, you just need to notify the licensing authority of the start of your work. This procedure is carried out by filing a declaration.

So, if the activity of your company is the implementation of scientific and exploratory development, a declaration is enough for you.

If the matter concerns more dangerous types of activity, it is necessary to obtain permission. The legislator was followed by this logic.

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Secondly, negotiations and the signing of agreements with foreign counterparties have been settled.

Accordingly, now for negotiations with foreign partners on any activity, it is necessary to obtain permission to conduct negotiations, and if they are successfully completed, it is also necessary to additionally register the corresponding agreement.

Thirdly, mandatory certification has been established for space equipment that will be operated and produced in Ukraine.

From now on, all such equipment must be certified in accordance with the approved criteria and standards. An exception to this list is equipment that is manufactured per the international order.

What does the future hold for the space industry in Ukraine?

Despite all the changes and liberalization of the space industry, there is a need for a more professional legal support of business. The development of space activities will require its settlement.

Remember, this industry is considered quite highly dangerous, and therefore, for greater certainty, it is better to play it safe and seek the support of a legal partner.

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Publication date: 17/10/2019

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