Changes in the license conditions for carrying out activities on manufacture, repair and sale of non-military weapons and ammunition

On September 10, 2019 a new version of license conditions for carrying out activities on manufacture and repair of fire non-military weapons and sale of it came into force. 

Let us review the most critical changes.

  • Organizational requirements. Paragraph 7 is supplemented by a new subparagraph. Now the conditions are clearly spelled out: economic activity can be carried out exclusively within the places specified in the documents submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Obviously, before someone tried to interpret the absence of this norm as the opportunity to act on their own discretion and not to inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs about it.

  • Accessibility of weapons stores, as well as facilities where weapons are being repaired, for persons with disabilities. This usually means the availability of a ramp at the entrance that complies with the State Construction Standards of Ukraine (GSN).

What about those business entities whose stores are not on the ground floor and when the entrance to the common areas does not belong to them - this has not been specified. Obviously, the owner of the building should provide access for wheelchairs. But in practice, as you know, not all buildings are equipped with ramps that correspond to the State Construction Standards of Ukraine (GSN).

What about licensees who have existing premises in such buildings and the entrance does not belong to them? The question is still open. But during scheduled inspections, most likely, compliance with this requirement will be checked. And if it is not possible to agree with the owner of the building on ensuring access for people with limited mobility, it may be necessary to think about changing the location of the activity.

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  • Two more books of accounting have been added. Now you need to keep a book of accounting for manufactured special equipment along with a book of accounting for manufactured cartridges for special equipment.
  • The form of a book of accounting for manufactured weapons. A column has appeared for the personal signature of the person to whom the weapon has been handed over.
  • The process of certifying copies of documents upon registration of a license. If now we are talking about certified “in the established manner” copies, then the new edition established that they are to be certified by the head of the license applicant.
  • Information was added on the locations of activities when applying for a license. It is characteristic that in this form it will be necessary to fill out information about the person responsible for conducting the activity. But in the conditions themselves there is not a single mention of this person, not to mention the requirements for him/her.

The employees of our company themselves wonder what kind of person they are and whether it is possible to mention just the head of the enterprise. Therefore, we will try to be one of the first to learn about the practice of the licensing authority. As for other issues pertaining to the registration of this license - we are ready to provide you with answers. 

If you are interested in certain issues on obtaining this license or carrying out respective activities, you can contact our staff for details of cooperation.

Publication date: 17/09/2019
Marina Losenko

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