How to get Ukrainian citizenship for a child in 2022?

The outbreak of hostilities forced many people to leave Ukraine. Women today try to save their children by taking them abroad with a birth certificate. There are also cases where a child has already been born in another country. This creates certain difficulties when applying for a child’s passport.  You need to have a certificate of registration of the child as a citizen of Ukraine. 

Recently there have been changes in the legislation of Ukraine, as a result of which you need to have a certificate of citizenship for your child in order to receive any service. You will need the said document to register your child, including a newborn, to obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a passport, etc. 

Please note! A child born in Ukraine, does not automatically become a citizen of Ukraine. This fact must be confirmed by an appropriate certificate.

In our article lawyers will tell you about the cases which require a certificate of citizenship of the child. 

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What if one of the parents is a foreigner and the other has Ukrainian citizenship?

Let's consider a case where the child’s father or mother is a foreigner. For example, the father is a citizen of Turkey, the mother is a citizen of Ukraine, and they have a child. It does not matter where the baby was born. But in order to register a child in Ukraine, you must first obtain a certificate of citizenship for the child. This document also entitles the foreign parent to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit.

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Please note! At the time of birth, the father or mother must have Ukrainian citizenship.     

Let’s look at another case, when the child’s parents or one of them obtained Ukrainian citizenship already after the baby was born, but they did not obtain such a document for the child. That is, at the time of birth the child’s parents did not have Ukrainian citizenship.

For example, the entire family moved from Russia to Ukraine, the parents obtained Ukrainian citizenship, and when the time came to issue passports to their children, it turned out that they did not have documents and had Russian citizenship.  In this case, children can obtain Ukrainian citizenship and the corresponding certificate. On the basis of this document you can apply for a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.  

Please note! A minor is considered a person under 18 years of age.

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What are the basic documents needed to obtain the certificate?

The list of documents depends on your specific situation. The key documents are as follows:

  • The child’s birth record (e.g., a birth certificate or excerpt from the birth record. If necessary, it must be legalized or apostilled);
  • Parents’ documents:

- passport of a citizen of Ukraine;

- Temporary Residence Permit;

- foreign passport;

- a document confirming that the child or parents are not citizens of any state. 

  • Documents confirming that the child is not a citizen of another country, or a statement that the child is a foreigner or a stateless person.  

If the child is over 14 years old, in some cases it is necessary to obtain his/her consent to Ukrainian citizenship. In addition, it is not always necessary for the child and the second parent to be present for the execution of documents.

Our company will help you to understand all the nuances. In some cases, if urgency is required, there are options for submitting citizenship documents simultaneously with the documents for a child’s passport. The maximum time limit for citizenship processing is three months.

The procedure for obtaining citizenship consists of two stages. The first is the decision to register the child as a citizen of Ukraine, and the second is obtaining a certificate of registration of the child as a citizen of Ukraine.  The document can be issued urgently - up to 10 business days and normally - up to 30 business days.

Please note! Even if the child already has a passport of another country, he/she can still obtain Ukrainian citizenship. 

If you left Ukraine due to military actions and gave birth to a child abroad, we can help you get all the necessary documents for a child abroad.

Our lawyers will study your specific case and provide all the necessary assistance. 

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Publication date: 29/03/2022

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