How to open a children's medical center and get a license for pediatrics in Ukraine?

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Our company helps to obtain Medical Licenses for doctors providing any medical services. Today we will talk about such direction of rendering medical aid as pediatrics.

Let’s say, you want to start a pediatrician’s office or even a children’s clinic.

  • What are the requirements for the premises and equipment of a pediatrician’s office?
  • Are there any particularities in the preparation of documents for obtaining a Pediatrician License?
  • How to equip and design the vaccination room?

We will answer these questions and help you understand the practical aspects of obtaining a Pediatrician Licence.

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Requirements for a pediatrician to obtain the Medical License 

The doctors entitled to carry out such activities include pediatricians, family doctors and pediatric specialist physicians (e.g. children’s ophthalmologist, children’s oncologist, etc.).

The requirements for such specialists are as follows:

  • Full higher education in the direction of Medicine training with one of the above specialties;
  • Internships or courses in a specialty (for pediatricians and pediatric specialist physicians - a certificate in a specialty. For family doctors - general practice, family medicine).

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Premises and equipment requirements for a pediatrician’s office

According to the licensing regulations, the following equipment should be available in the pediatrician’s office:

  • Scales for newborns or babies;
  • A medical scale with height rods;
  • A pediatrician’s kit;
  • A nurse kit for children’s city clinic;
  • A baby changing station, etc.

A complete list of requirements for the equipment of a pediatrician’s office, children’s specialized rooms and family doctor’s office can be found in Order No. 739 dd. 31.10.2011 and other orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

We would like to remind you that the lack of equipment specified in the license requirements will lead to rejection of a license. However, in some cases, family doctors may avoid certain equipment, but this is rather an exception and does not apply to pediatricians.

It is also necessary to keep in mind the requirements for the premises used for medical practice. For example, in accordance with the State Building Regulations for Healthcare Institutions, the office of the family doctor should be at least 18 square meters, and the office of a pediatrician should be at least 15 square meters.

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How to properly design a vaccination room at a pediatrician’s office or children’s clinic?

When starting a children’s health centre, you should think about providing vaccination services. The following requirements apply to the equipment of the vaccination room:

  • Ensure that a medical immunobiological drug is of no danger;
  • Introduce infection control;
  • Comply with the basic rules of epidemiologically dangerous medical waste management.

The legislation provides for the possibility of creating two types of vaccination rooms:

  • permanent;
  • temporary;

In the context of our question, we will elaborate on the permanent vaccination room. The requirements for a permanent vaccination room include the following:

  • Its total area should be at least 10 square meters;
  • Such rooms must not be combined with dressing rooms, manipulation rooms, treatment rooms, etc.;
  • The walls shall be lined with moisture-resistant materials to the full height of the room;
  • Moisture-resistant materials must be used to cover the floor; the floor surface must be free of defects (cracks, holes, etc.) and resistant to detergent and disinfectant solutions;
  • The room must be equipped with an UV irradiator switched on outside the room;
  • The external and internal surfaces of medical furniture must be smooth, resistant to detergents, disinfectants and medications.

We can help you both to check the available premises and give you recommendations on how to find it. We always advise our Clients to take care of such things in advance, so as not to waste extra time and money. It is always easier to prepare any project when you know exactly the requirements to be met.

If you want to get a Pediatrician License quickly and easily, don’t hesitate to call us.

Publication date: 23/04/2020

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