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The main purpose of the classification of hotel and restaurant business is to standardize the quality of customer service, as well as compliance with the level of services to customer needs.
The class of restaurants and the category of hotels can become a hallmark of the institution, as they are evidence of a certain level of comfort and quality of customer service.
This classification of institutions allows the Client to determine what level of services he prefers to receive, as well as to understand the cost of these services. The higher the class of the restaurant, the greater the choice of dishes, including author's, more expensive interior and better service, as there are certain requirements for staff, comfort and even the menu. The higher the category of the hotel, the more services the Client receives, such as car parking, luggage lifting, the services of a doorman, secretary and even shoe shine.
In addition, a hotel of 4 **** stars must have a restaurant not lower than "Highest". And, for example, casinos on the territory of the hotel complex can be placed only in hotels of category 5 ***** within the city and 4 **** in other settlements.
Consider the following situation: you are planning to open a hotel in Kiev or Odessa and want to give your residents the opportunity to eat at the hotel. That is to open an additional restaurant. How will your plans change depending on the category of the hotel and the class of the restaurant?

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Publication date: 16/03/2022

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