Temporary residence permit in Ukraine for citizens who participated in hostilities

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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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Ukraine has always attracted with шеы favorable conditions for living, studying, and working. After the war, citizens of foreign countries will be able to participate in the rebirth of our state. To do this, it is necessary to legalize their stay, for example, to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Today we will talk about cases when foreigners can get such a permit in Ukraine, including cases when they participated in military actions on the territory of Ukraine.

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The most common grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

1. Work in Ukraine.

It can be a job also:

  • in the staff of an enterprise or out of state, when it is a contract to carry out a certain project, for example in the IT-sphere;

  • at a representative office of a foreign company, a branch or a branch of a foreign bank registered in Ukraine;

  • correspondent or representative of foreign mass media.

2. Studying at educational institutions of Ukraine.

3. Family reunion with spouses who are citizens of Ukraine.

4. Participation in volunteer programs.

5. Participation in international technical assistance projects, in activities of public organizations of foreign countries or cultural, scientific, educational activities (these projects and programs must be registered in Ukraine or established by international treaties of Ukraine).

5. Religious activities - such activities are conducted only upon the invitation of a religious organization and are coordinated with public authorities.

6. For foreigners who opened a legal entity (company) in Ukraine.

If a foreigner obtains a permit for any of the above mentioned reasons then his family members (the second spouse and their minor children - under 18 years) also have the right to get a permit for the same period. The basis for this will be family reunification.

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Temporary residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners of military

As for foreigners who have concluded a contract on military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine - they can stay in Ukraine on the basis of a military ticket for the entire duration of the contract.

A temporary residence permit for such foreigners is issued only in cases where they have provided some assistance to the military. These are, for example:

  • instructional assistance to units of military formations (e.g., shooting, tactical, medical, technical, etc.);

  • assistance to law enforcement bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, which are involved in the anti-terrorist operation;

  • involvement in the anti-terrorist operation, including deterrence of armed aggression by Russia;

  • other participation in activities, together with the above-mentioned units and volunteer formations.

To confirm these grounds, a foreigner must submit a corresponding petition from the Ministry of Defense, a unit of the Armed Forces or other bodies and formations authorized to extradite, and if such a petition is refused, a court decision establishing the relevant fact.

Our lawyers are constantly monitoring all the changes in the legislative acts of Ukraine and will be able to recommend the most convenient option for You. They will advise on the formation of a package of documents for submission to the bodies of the migration service, and will help to prepare and submit documents.

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Publication date: 21/03/2022

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