Accounting and tax accounting of cosmetology clinics in Ukraine in 2023

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Aesthetics centers and cosmetology clinics are in increasing demand among the population every year. One of the equally important criteria for the development of cosmetology service establishments is the correct construction of management and accounting.
The owner may invest funds in the business, which will be constantly in circulation, and the lack of profit may not be noticed (due to the absence of cash gaps).
Budgeting, forecasting and operational analysis of financial indicators are tools that will help the owner to respond to profit indicators in a timely manner and make adjustments to the business's operational processes. For example, a certain type of service is not popular or the cost of the service has increased several times (due to an increase in prices for consumables) - the owner decides to raise the price of services or change areas of activity to more relevant ones.

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Publication date: 16/11/2022

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