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Recently many companies and foreign clients turn to us with the request to execute documents for volunteer activity in Ukraine. People mistakenly think that it is enough to come to Ukraine and start helping, get a volunteer certificate or conclude an agreement on volunteer activity.

In fact, these documents are not the basis for living in Ukraine. You first need to get a temporary residence permit.

Today we will tell you how to act for those foreigners who are planning to move, even temporarily, to Ukraine and wish to engage in charitable or volunteer activity here.

This category of foreigners is a special category that requires its own procedure, collection of documents and preparation. We help not only volunteers, but also volunteer organizations, and we know how to organize this process from A to Z. We have been dealing with legalization of stay in Ukraine for more than 15 years, and therefore we can offer:

  • All related services in one place: insurance, translations, notarization and much more;
  • Accompaniment at all stages of arrival in Ukraine: you can call us even when crossing the border, in case of difficulties;
  • Thorough preparation: we will prepare both for a conversation at the consulate, and before obtaining a visa, if necessary, and before a visit to the migration authority.

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Who has the right to involve foreign volunteers in their activities?

One of the first options usually considered by foreigners is to serve as a volunteer for a Ukrainian charity or public organization. However, it cannot be any organization.

It must be a non-governmental organization or a charitable foundation that meets certain conditions, namely:

  • an organization shall have status of a non-profit organization;
  • the charter contains information on the activities carried out by providing volunteer assistance;
  • information about the organization or foundation must be necessarily published on the website of the National Social Service;
  • an organization shall have enough financial resources to invite a foreign volunteer to Ukraine.

Requirements for a foreign volunteer:

  • desire to voluntarily carry out socially-oriented activities in Ukraine;

For example, helping the poor, large families, the homeless, people with disabilities, the lonely, children, the elderly, the sick, etc.; organizing measures to preserve nature, cultural heritage, historical monuments and other social activities.

  • no unpaid fines or other outstanding enforcement proceedings in Ukraine;
  • no decisions on compulsory return/deportation from Ukraine, prohibition of entry;
  • legality of stay in Ukraine, if necessary, availability of D-10 visa;
  • residence at the address indicated when applying for a temporary residence permit.

In the last year alone, our specialists have helped to register more than 20 organizations and foundations, as well as organized the arrival in Ukraine and obtaining a residence permit for almost 50 volunteers.

Some companies generate profit, and therefore cannot obtain the status of a volunteering company. In such situations, our specialists can offer a procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit through a work permit.

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How do we help foreign volunteers come to Ukraine?

Our specialists have considerable experience in supporting volunteer activities and:

  • thoroughly check the organizations/foundations that attract foreign volunteers, examine all documents;
  • help, if necessary, to make appropriate changes, bring the documents in accordance with the requirements established by law, and make everything in accordance with the law;
  • explain further actions after getting the certificate;
  • provide support, if necessary, including the provision of relevant information on the foreigner to the National Migration Service
  • clarify the circumstances in connection with which the temporary residence permit may be revoked.

When employing a foreigner, our lawyers:

  • develop a package of documents for the Employment Center individually for each case. Last year, this approach provided us with a 100% guarantee of obtaining Work Permits and their extensions. And that is almost 60 satisfied clients;
  • prepare the entire package of documents for the D visa, fill out the electronic visa application, if possible select the nearest consulate, monitor vacancies at a convenient time for the client;
  • draw up a package of documents for the temporary residence permit and arrange the filing, we choose a convenient time for the client;
  • monitor the readiness of the permit, organize receipt and registration of residence in Ukraine;
  • provide accounting and legal support of the company that employs foreign workers in order to minimize the risk of cancellation of documents.

If necessary, we help to properly terminate labor or volunteer relations with a foreigner.

Violation of the law at this stage can lead to the inability of the company, organization or foundation to further obtain permission to use the labor of foreigners or to lose the status of a volunteer company.

It is necessary to properly notify the Employment Center and the Migration Service, draw up documents for dismissal, withdraw from the registered place of residence and surrender the temporary residence permit. In order to avoid problems when leaving Ukraine, a foreigner should get the appropriate certificate from the Migration Service.

Of course, the first question to be answered: what are your plans on staying in Ukraine? Based on this information, you can find the option of legalizing your stay in Ukraine, which will meet your goals in the best way.

See all the information about obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine here.

Publication date: 25/01/2023
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