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We were contacted by a Client who was engaged in volunteering in Ukraine and participated in various non-governmental projects. He had an opportunity to take part in a grant competition, which would allow him to receive funding and significantly expand his opportunities for volunteering. For this purpose, he needed to have his own non-governmental organization as our Client intended to participate in organization of NGO’s activity after getting a grant.

With his vast experience in public projects and years of volunteer work, he was confident that his project was worth the grant. However, the biggest obstacle was the fact that according to the requirements of the project, the NGO could not be new; only organizations of a certain “age” (a year or more) were eligible for participation.

The Client turned to us, because we have been registering companies with licenses, as well as non-governmental and charitable organizations for sale for many years. We can offer ready-made NGOs with a non-profit status, with a pure history and “age”, because they were created back in 2018.

Buying a ready-made NGO is a quick option to reach your goal for many public figures who are faced with the “age” requirement for a non-governmental organization, or for those who want to save time instead of registering the organization on their own.

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How to buy a ready-made NGO in Kyiv?

Buying a ready-made NGO is really the fastest way to get an organization that will have the desired “history”. However, since you are buying an organization that hasn’t been established by you, it is very important to make sure that its history is “pure”. It is extremely unpleasant to buy an NGO and find out over time that it has debts, is involved in a lawsuit, or has a tarnished reputation.

We offer you non-governmental organizations established specifically for sale — that is, they were registered, then “put on the shelf” — no activity was conducted, and their history has remained completely pure. In addition to providing the opportunity to purchase the desired NGO, we can re-register the NGO for you in 2-3 business days.

So, what is the procedure of buying a ready-made NGO?

First of all, you need to decide on the desired type of the NGO.The main requirements of our Client were the age of the NGO and the purity of its history. In this case, it is better to purchase an NGo, which has never been active.

However, there are also other cases, for example, if a condition for participation in the project is the acknowledged participation of the NGO in similar projects. Such cases are more complicated — the only option may be to purchase an NGO that has already carried out some activities. However, such a situation requires additional verification of the NGO.

Therefore, the second step will be the verification of the organization, if necessary.

Having selected an NGO and made sure that its purchase is safe, you will need to re-register the organisation to the new owner and make changes to the information on the NGO in the Unified State Register.

You can change the head or management body, name of the NGO, legal address, management structure etc.

To register changes in an NGO, it is necessary to provide information on the changes in the organization. For example, in case of change of the head or management body, a copy of passport and ID code of each member of the management body is required.

In most cases the package of documents from the beginning to the end is prepared by our lawyers, taking into account the specifics of the organization and the current practice of the registration authority.

Also, we offer our Clients to choose the authority to submit the documents to, we explain the best option. For example, sometimes it is impossible to get your foot in the door of the Ministry of Justice because of long queues 2-3 weeks ahead, while you need to re-register the organization for yourself or authorized persons within 3-5 days.

We offer another way out of the situation —we make an appointment for the nearest time in any Administrative Services Center (the district does not matter in this case). Prepared documents are submitted to the Administrative Services Center, the latter accepts them, and all scanned documents are immediately sent to the Ministry of Justice, and then the originals. As a result in 3 days we will obtain an extract from the USR with amendments from the Ministry of Justice.

There are other ways of speeding up the procedure of amending information about a non-governmental organization — we will find a way that meets the interests of each Client. Thus, our Client became the new head of a non-governmental organization within 3 days, and then we made changes to its members.

Our lawyers will consult you on all important issues, fully prepare the package of documents for registration of changes in a non-governmental organization and monitor their consideration by the justice bodies.

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Publication date: 22/09/2021

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