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In August 2016, our firm was contacted by an old Client of ours, for whom we helped to set up a pharmacy. This time he planned to set up a pharmacy branch in Zakarpattya region in the countryside. The Client needed a comprehensive review of the premises and documents for him to make sure that they were suitable for setting up a pharmacy branch. That was exactly the kind of review as well as further legal support that was provided by our company.

A pharmacy branch is a structural unit of an existing pharmacy, which should be located in a medical institution and only within the same region as a pharmacy. The requirement to place a pharmacy branch in a medical institution may not be fulfilled when it comes to rural areas in which there are no such establishments. In this case, a pharmacy branch can be opened in other fundamental structures.

To the pharmacy branch, as well as to the pharmacy, there are a number of requirements, including the structure and location of the premises. As a general rule, the requirements for pharmacy branches are much simpler than for pharmacies. So, the area of ??the premises of the branchshould be at least 18 square meters. In the pharmacy branch, the area for the consumer service hall may not be allocated, although this is a mandatory requirement for the pharmacy. A number of requirements coincide with the rules established for pharmacies. For example, access to office buildings cannot be put in place through production facilities.

Another feature pertinent to a pharmacy branch  is that the purpose of its setting up is the sale of finished medicines only. As you know, the production of medicines is possible in a pharmacy, for example, by prescription or by order of medical institutions.

Looking at this or that premise for suitability for setting up a pharmacy institution in it, the lawyers of our company study its layout plan, if necessary, plan options for how to arrange drywall partitions and the like.

According to the results of the review of documents, it was found that the premises in which our Client was going to set up a pharmacy, was quite suitable for such targeted use. Therefore, our lawyers could act further according to the plan: prepare and sign with the Client all the necessary documents, submit them to the licensing authority, keep under control all the stages of consideration of the submitted documents in the licensing authority, congratulate the Client on the setting up of a new structural unit.

The work was completed within three weeks, as it had been agreed upon.

You can find more information about the terms of working with us to obtain a license for retail or wholesale trade in medicines by clicking on this link.

Publication date: 21/08/2016
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