Our lawyers helped to get a private security license within one day

In February of 2018 work in our firm turned out to be quite intensive in the sphere of obtaining licenses for security activities. We were approached by six companies with the question of obtaining a security license. It was necessary to organize a security business "on a turn-key basis" for one of the clients, that is, to register one's own company and obtain a license for it. For such clients, we offer to purchase a ready-made security firm with a license, but the client did not have urgent orders and wanted to reduce costs. In addition, he wanted to register a security company in Dnepr. Having close business relations with colleagues in many regional centers of Ukraine, our company easily coped with the registration of the company in another city.

It was also easy for us to get a license to carry out security activities, although in the process of providing services we were faced with an interesting precedent.

On the fourth or fifth working day after submitting documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, we are reviewing the decisions of the body on its official website to make sure that not a single document from our clients is left without consideration. Statistics of such decisions in our company is extremely low, but we do it as part of the standard procedure for obtaining a security license.

This practice has arisen due to the fact that the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine has three working days to review the documents and identify the reasons for leaving them without consideration. The day after the decision is made, it must be published on the website of the licensing authority. Therefore, visiting the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and making sure that our Clients are not on the list of those whose documents were left without consideration, our lawyers postponed the control of this issue for almost a week, since according to the Law on Licensing of Economic Activities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is obliged to take a decision on issuance of a license within ten working days.

Knowing the practice of the licensing body, we waited for a decision on issuing licenses for the eighth-ninth working day. But not finding positive decisions even on the tenth day, our lawyers contacted the workers of the body to clarify the situation. As it turned out, the decision to issue licenses for our Clients was made a day after the submission of documents. The information was received fairly on time, as it meant that it was necessary to pay the license fee as quickly as possible. According to the above-mentioned law, the license fee must be paid no later than ten working days from the date of publication of the decision on issuance of a license on the website of the licensing authority, and it was the ninth day. Failure to pay within the abovementioned period is the basis for the decision of the licensing authority to revoke the license.

The law provides that not later than on the tenth working day, the licensee must pay a fee for issuing a license for security activities, but not provide proof of payment to the licensing authority. The law generally does not provide for the obligation to provide a copy of the payment to the licensing authority. Therefore, licensees from distant regions may not worry if a copy of the receipt will have time to come to the licensing authority in time. Important is the fact of payment on time.

All Clients were satisfied with the results of our work. And we, in turn, once again were convinced that the correctly constructed algorithm of services performance gives the chance to avoid negative consequences even in absolutely non-standard situations. From now on, the standard algorithm for obtaining a license for security activities in our company includes monitoring of all decisions of the licensing body from the date of filing documents for obtaining a license.

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Publication date: 07/04/2018

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