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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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Residence for US citizens in Ukraine

In the summer of 2014, we were contacted by a non-resident individual, a US citizen, who planned to move to Ukraine in order to operate a business in the field of investment counseling. The lawyers of our firm provided complex follow-up support for Client’s entry into Ukrainian market, which was carried out in several stages, including state registration of legal entity, obtaining a work permit and residence permit in Ukraine. Learn more about our work on the first two stages under the following links.

Due to the fact that the Client of our firm was going to be the head of the established company in a position of the Director and to manage the company from Ukraine (the City of Kiev), the obtaining of residence permit was the last step, which would allow him to conduct a business in our country in full range.

In accordance with the current legislation, our Client fell into the category of foreigners, from which a type D visa is required for further permit obtaining. Thus, a foreigner who first visited Ukraine in accordance with the usual procedure, without a visa, had to leave back home in order to obtain the necessary visa and later crossed the border of our state already with the type D visa. In this process our lawyers provided all necessary consultations in respect of visa obtaining, as well as ensured forwarding of all necessary documents to the USA.

By the time of our client arrival we had already prepared a package of documents for submission to the Main Department of State Migration Service in Kyiv City. Among other things our lawyers received a health insurance certificate in favour of non-resident, which is a mandatory requirement for issuing a residence permit.

In addition, since our Client had no other contacts in Ukraine and had not yet found housing, where he could permanently reside and be officially registered, the lawyers of the immigration law practice of our law firm helped in finding of permanent housing.

Our lawyers prepared an application, notarized translation of the alien's passport, work permit, official payment receipt, other documents and their copies, necessary for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, but the non-resident submitted them personally, since the current legislation does not allow submitting the documents on the basis of the power of attorney.

A residence permit was obtained within the minimum period of time. Following that, our lawyers helped to carry out registration of non-resident at his new residence address in Ukraine.

You can find more information about the service of our firm relating obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine under the following link.

Publication date: 15/12/2014

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