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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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A Turkish citizen, who intends to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, turned to our company and needed legal support for the procedure of its receipt. As the current Ukrainian legislation provides a number of grounds for temporary or permanent residence in our state, the first stage of our cooperation were the consultations, which should disclose the grounds for obtaining permanent residence in Ukraine.

We will review these options with you, and talk about the peculiarities of the procedure for obtaining a residence permit for residents of Turkey, as a category of foreigners who often apply for a similar service.

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Getting a residence permit in Ukraine for Turkish citizens on the basis of investment

The two most likely grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit on the basis of employment and permanent residence permit on the basis of investment in the Ukrainian economy in the amount of not less than one hundred thousand American dollars. Since at that time the investment procedure required a rather complicated registration procedure, it was decided that employment in Ukraine would be the best option.

It should be noted that today the registration of foreign investments in the Ukrainian economy has been abolished. This makes this ground much more attractive for foreign investors.

But this variant was not the most attractive for our client. Therefore, we settled on the second option - obtaining a residence permit through employment in your own company.

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Getting a residence permit for a Turkish citizen in Ukraine through employment

Once we had a clear reference point about the grounds for obtaining residency, the process of preparing the documents began, which was divided into three main stages.

The first stage was the transfer of a foreign citizen to the status of a business owner in Ukraine. Since his relative already owned a registered business in Ukraine, our lawyers made changes in the ownership structure and included the foreign national into the LLC.

Note: In the case of our client there was already a registered company that was ready to arrange a work permit for him. But it is not obligatory. If there is no such company, it can be registered in Ukraine for a Turkish citizen. In this case he would become its sole founder and get the work permit as its director.

The second stage was the submission of a package of documents to get a work permit in Ukraine. Our lawyers organized medical examination, translation of foreign documents, gaining certificates of cleanliness (not being involved in any crime activities) and other necessary documents. Within two weeks after submission of the necessary documents our client obtained a work permit, with which he travelled abroad to obtain a special visa, which in future shall be the basis for residence permit in Ukraine.

After he came back with the visa, our lawyers submitted a set of documents to the migration authorities and as soon as possible we obtained a residence permit for Ukraine. Afterwards, we supported the registration of the place of residence of this foreigner.

Note: In 2022 obtaining residence permit in Ukraine for the citizens of Turkey through employment, whether in their own company, or through employment contract is still one of the most popular options. But there are other proposals. For example, obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine through a permit to work in a public organization. The advantages of this option can be explained by our experts at a personal consultation.

The cost of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for Turkish citizens here.

The cost of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine here.

If you want to understand which of the types of residence and on what basis will be suitable for your situation - look for information in our articles, or contact directly to our experts.

Publication date: 25/09/2016

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