We conducted a consultation for the client who wanted to get quickly a license for electric power supply

A Сlient applied to our Company concerning coming of their enterprise to the energy engineering market of Ukraine. The first question that interested them was:

“Is it possible to start from scratch legally the activity of electric power supply for consumers within a period of less than one week?”

We can note at once – yes, it is possible.

In addition, the Client wanted to know:

  • What is needed to carry out activities to supply electric power to the consumer?
  • How soon will they be able to start such this activity?

Taking into account the Client’s desire to first understand in detail all the aspects of the process, our lawyers had an appointment with them to have a preliminary consultation, which also addressed the following questions:

  • The customer did not have a registered company for which such license could be obtained. It was explained that the initial registration of the company takes about three business days.
  • In order to legally carry out activities for the supply of electric power, you first need to obtain an appropriate license. Prior to its receipt, the activity is illegal, for which you may face a fine in the amount of UAH 17,000.00.

On average, it takes ten working days (two weeks) from the time of filing documents to obtaining such a decision.

  • In order to obtain a license, in addition to the registered company and preparation of the corresponding package of documents, it is important to have a website that meets the licensing requirements. Usually, website development takes 2-3 business days.

After consultation, the customer said that they were negotiating with potential partners and customers who already wanted to use their services of electric power supply. Therefore, it was extremely important for the Client to begin supplying electric power next week and in compliance with all conditions of Ukrainian legislation.

Understanding the ultimate goal of the Client, our lawyers proposed an optimum and quick solution:

  • To purchase a ready-made company with a license to supply electric power to the consumer.

It is clear that before deciding to buy a company, the customer wanted to clarify a few questions:

  • Did a ready-made company have debts and other obligations?
  • Were all the requirements of the law met when obtaining the license for the supply of electric power?
  • Would it be difficult to change the name, address and other information about the company in the future?

These are, of course, very important questions that must be answered before signing any documents.

  • The company we proposed had been created specifically for the purpose of its further sale.
  • The company had no debts and other obligations, because it did not carry out activities.
  • The Client had the opportunity to start the relevant activities immediately after the purchase of the company, totally legally and within the framework of the law.
  • The license was obtained legally, because another option for obtaining it was simply impractical.
  • The name, address and other information of the company can be changed immediately upon re-registration.

After weighing all the Pros and Cons, the Client agreed to purchase a ready-made company with a license to supply electric power to the consumer.

This allowed them not only to save time, but also provided an advantage among competitors, because then they were registered as a full-fledged business entity with all the necessary documents and could immediately start supplying electric power on the following day after the purchase of the company.

Publication date: 24/05/2019

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