Registration of residence in Ukraine for foreigners: important aspects and legal advice

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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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Residence registration in Ukraine is a crucial process for both citizens of the country and foreigners staying on its territory. This procedure is meticulously governed by Ukrainian legislation, serving specific purposes to ensure harmonious coexistence and define the rights and responsibilities of all registered individuals.

Upon obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine, a foreigner must register their place of residence within the country. The foreigner or their authorized representative can independently undertake the registration procedure.

Please note! Registration must be completed no later than 30 days from the date of obtaining a temporary residence permit. This process can be facilitated through a power of attorney, provided that the original documents are available.

Simultaneously, stateless individuals and foreigners lawfully residing in Ukraine enjoy the freedom to move and choose their place of residence within its territory. In practice, this means that you can opt for an actual place of residence different from the registered one, as the Constitution guarantees freedom of movement and the right to choose a place of residence.

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Why register a foreigner's location in Ukraine and how to do it correctly?

If you are applying to renew your identification, it is important for the address of your registration not to be generic, as this may trigger additional checks by the State Migration Service and pose a higher risk of being denied the service.

Purpose of residence registration:

  1. Residence Control: One of the main aspects of registration is to enable the state to control and track the whereabouts of individuals on its territory. This contributes to maintaining public safety, upholding law and order, and taking necessary measures when required.
  2. Rights and Social Services: Registration of residence is a necessary condition for accessing a range of rights and social services. Foreigners and Ukrainian citizens can avail themselves of medical assistance, social support, benefits, and discounts in state support programs. Typically, most administrative services in Ukraine are provided based on the place of residence.
  3. Voting Rights: Registration is mandatory for participation in various elections, including parliamentary, presidential, and local elections. This ensures the implementation of the electoral process in the foreigner's region of residence by attaching them to the consular office serving that specific region.
  4. Compliance with Migration Rules: For foreigners, registration is a key element in interacting with migration authorities. It helps ensure legal residency status in Ukraine and avoids misunderstandings with the relevant authorities. In other words, when seeking any service from a notary, Administrative Services Center, government agency, local authorities, insurance companies, etc., confirmation of registered residence in Ukraine is required.

Residence Registration Procedure

When registering the residence (location) of a foreigner during an in-person visit to the registration authority or administrative services center, the following procedure is followed.

The foreigner or their legal representative (or representative by power of attorney) submits an application for residence registration using the prescribed form. The application is usually generated by the official using software and is printed for signature.

The attached documents include:

  • Original passport.
  • Notarized translation of the foreigner's passport into Ukrainian.
  • Residence permit for temporary or permanent stay in Ukraine.
  • Documents confirming the right to reside in the accommodation where the registration will take place (currently, this is an Extract from the State Register of Property Rights).
  • Passport of the legal representative if registered by power of attorney.
  • Original power of attorney.
  • Document confirming payment of the administrative fee.

If the application is submitted within the legally established period, the administrative fee is 1.5 percent of the subsistence minimum, equivalent to 40.26 UAH.

The registration process usually takes one business day. Subsequently, you will receive a message about the result on the contact information provided. The residence registration certificate can be obtained either in person at the registration authority or generated through Diia, provided you have an electronic key.

In essence, the registration of a foreigner's residence in Ukraine is crucial for their legal stay, acquisition of rights and responsibilities, and interaction with migration authorities. It serves as a key element in facilitating interaction and collaboration between the state and foreigners on the territory of Ukraine.

Risks of Residing Without Registration for Foreigners in Ukraine

The absence of a registered residence violates the rules for the stay of foreigners in Ukraine, constituting grounds for administrative penalties, specifically the drafting of a protocol and the imposition of fines ranging from 1700 to 3400 UAH, depending on the duration of the violation and mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

It's crucial to note that, in the event of needing an extension for a permanent or temporary residence permit, serious difficulties may arise. This document is mandatory for submission to the migration service. Lack of current registration can impede the interaction with official authorities, causing delays in obtaining necessary documents and services.

If you have questions or require assistance with migration issues or document restoration, our legal experts are ready to provide qualified consultation and support. Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you in this important matter.

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Publication date: 12/10/2023

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