Product Certification In Ukraine

In Ukraine, the mandatory product conformity assessment was abolished in early 2018. However,  there are still questions about whether it is mandatory or optional to obtain certificates, conclusions or other permits in this area.

We decided to write this material to help you figure out when and which document you should obtain.

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Which products are subject to certification?

Today, there are almost no products subject to mandatory certification, unless expressly provided by the law or agreement.

As a rule, certification is carried out in order to confirm compliance of certain services or goods with technical regulations, DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine), ISO standards, and other requirements established and introduced by Ukrainian legislation.

There is an exclusive list of goods subject to mandatory certification. However, this does not mean that you can not certify the product or service delivery procedure at your own discretion. For example, cosmetologists and hairdressers very often certify their activities.

 In addition, some manufacturers of medical materials for dentistry, industrial chemists, etc. sometimes certify their medical products as well.

Any manufacturer of medicines, medical equipment or cosmetic products should also think of certification of their medical devices and cosmetics in Ukraine.

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Why do most business entities certify their products, despite the fact that the procedure is no longer mandatory? The answer is simple: when choosing between a certified and an ordinary seller / craftsman, etc., Customers usually make the one that has brought its activities into conformity their first choice.

Certificate is a written assurance that your product meets certain requirements and has been verified by the government. And this is a convincing advantage for many consumers.

As for medical products, it is mandatory to obtain the SES Certificate for such products, because they affect human health.

Does obtainment of the SES Certificate equal to the product certification?

The procedure of obtainment of the SES Certificate (issued by the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection) is sometimes confused with certification. The fact is that the SES Certificate can be either one of the stages, or the final stage of certification.

Usually, the SES Certificate shall be obtained to import and trade in consumer or household products. However, it is not a general rule.

This means that you can obtain the SES Certificate for other products as well. Thus, for example, recently our lawyers have obtained the SES Certificate on lie detector (polygraph) imported from the U.S., that helped our client to establish a mass supply of such technical means.

The SES Certificate can also be obtained for services, works and technical documentation (specifications).

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Certificate for technical documentation (specifications)

As for the specifications, their development is also a separate stage in the product import and trading process. In order to properly develop the specifications, it is necessary to take into account a number of DSTU standards, which the specifications shall comply with.

To ensure 100% successful result, it is better to ask the technical experts specializing in the particular area to develop such specifications. Then such specifications shall be reviewed and approved by the lawyers and registered in the appropriate register.

Another similar procedure related to the specifications is obtainment of the technical documentation from various energy distribution companies (Oblenergos).

There are two procedures for connecting to electricity grids:

  • non-standard;
  • standard.

Both procedures require compliance with and development of specific technical conditions. As, in fact, the issuance of such documentation to the company by Oblenergo is a confirmation of the agreement concluded with the Distribution System Operator (Oblenergo). This is also a certain type of certification of an electricity market participant.

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How to make head of the process of product certification in Ukraine?

Ukrainian legislation provides for a large number of possible certification options. In fact, this is a type of document that will allow you to prove the quality of your services, products or even technical documentation.

The certification process itself and the document you obtain at the end of the procedure will differ depending on the product, service or object you want to certify.

If you want to get a certificate of conformity in Ukraine, don’t hesitate to call us. We will choose the best option for you.

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Publication date: 31/01/2020

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