Registered a representative of the foreign company in Ukraine

  • We helped to avoid questions on the part of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
  • We registered a representation office of a foreign company without client’s presence in Ukraine

In October 2018, a client applied to us. He needed to register a representation office of a Georgian company in Ukraine. The client had already applied to various law firms, but their recommendations differed significantly among themselves.

The things which were of the most interest for the client: cost, completion deadline and the package of documents to be provided. Of no less importance was also the question of notarial certifying and apostillation of those documents.

Documents necessary for registration of a representation office

According to the Instruction on procedure of registration of representation offices of foreign economic entities in Ukraine, a foreign company should provide.

  • application with a request about registration of a representation office,
  • document about registration of foreign company in its country,
  • reference from the bank about opening an account,
  • power of attorney for the head of the representation office.

The document about registration of the company in its country should be certified with a seal (by the issuing authority) and legalized. And all the other mentioned documents should by certified and legalized by the notary.

Particularities of certifying and legalization of documents often cause confusion, including that for law firms for which the registration of representation offices of foreign companies is to their non-core activity.

Besides the said Instruction about registration, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine developed own practice in this sphere, and the Ministry abides by it. For example, in spite of the fact that, according to the Instruction, the form of application can be arbitrary, the Ministry of Economic Development gives the list of information which should be obligatorily in the application. Not all the information which is required by the Ministry of Economic Development is provided by the Instruction. Thus, the arbitrariness of the form consists only in the fact that the positions of items of the list of information can be exchanged. The Ministry of Economic Development also requires that the sphere of activity of the foreign company is described in detail.

By the considerable experience, we know already about similar nuances, therefore we agree the documents with the Ministry of Economic Development in advance.

We provided for the Client a detailed list of the required documents and the instruction on certifying them.

During the whole period of cooperation, the client stayed in Georgia. Registration of all documents and solving the current questions was done remotely.

Certifying of documents

The requirement of legalization of documents at consular establishments concerns not all the countries. Documents of the countries which are members of the Hague Convention of 1961 are legalized a simplified procedure – by means of apostillation. And for documents of the countries which signed an agreement about mutual recognition of documents, it is enough simply to be certified by a notary at all. The following countries belong to them: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, and some more countries.

Since our Client’s company was registered in Georgia, that relieved him of the need to legalize the documents. And that speeded up and simplified the process significantly. The representation office was registered within time limits specified by the client.
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Publication date: 14/01/2019

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