Tax optimization and tax planning in Ukraine (Digital Nomad)

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Tax optimization and tax planning in Ukraine (Digital Nomad)
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What we offer

  • Analysis of the client’s business model for the fiscal risks;
  • Recommendations for minimizing these risks; 
  • Proposals for restructuring the current business model and transactional flows;
  • Implementation of a coordinated restructuring scheme aimed at eliminating the existing problems;
  • Consulting on formation of “source of origin history”, tax amnesty of capital, support of the client’s participation in the tax amnesty campaign in Ukraine; 
  • Planning of tax residency of individuals: criteria for determining the tax residency of an individual in a particular country; tax burden in the selected country; opportunities to offset taxes paid abroad. 

Additional services include:

  • Assistance in selecting a jurisdiction for business relocation;
  • Full support for business relocation to another country, including tax planning
  • Advising on the CFC in Ukraine.


Documents required

List of documents
Graphical representation of the ownership structure of the company
Graphical representation of the ownership structure of the company
Description of transactional flows within the group of companies
Description of transactional flows within the group of companies

Advantages of tax planning 

Tax planning allows:

  • increase the efficiency of the Client’s business;

  • make a moderate tax burden, while not violating the requirements of the law;

  • avoid the models, the application of which raises the interest of the supervisory authorities;

  • ensure the most correct documented support of transactions, in order to effectively refute possible claims of regulatory authorities.

Our recommendations have nothing in common with:

  • the conclusion of fictitious transactions;

  • the deliberate misrepresentation of the amount of income of the company;

  • the use of contracts with related parties with unreasonable subject matter and price;

  • other ways to understate the tax burden.

Companies often provide resources for tax planning for salaried employees to assist them in understanding and optimizing their tax obligations. Many companies employ corporate accountants to handle complex financial transactions and ensure accurate tax filings. Taxes with us are not theory, but optimization in practice. We have a network of practicing accountants and lawyers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, in the jurisdiction you need. Also among the advantages:

  • Fresh current tax practice with us: over the last year, more than 20 cases of business relocation to Malta, UAE, Poland, Andorra, etc. Experience in working with the issue of royalties, double taxation, shares abroad, substance.
  • All decisions are legal, the client does not violate anything. Optimization schemes within the framework of the law. We are not about risks, but about efficiency and safety. We calculate the situation not only for this moment, but also take care of the future security of the client.

Service packages offers

from 1000 USD
  • planning the client's future business model (including with the use of foreign companies);
  • ownership structure planning, calculation of associated risks;
  • development of business contracts for the work of the company;
  • Ukrainian business financing planning;
  • planning the withdrawal of profits in favor of the participant: miscalculation of tax consequences when paying in favor of a resident and non-resident (advance income tax when paying dividends, repatriation tax when paying interest, etc.);
  • support for the registration of a company in foreign jurisdictions on a turnkey basis (provision of an address, services of a director, local accountant, secretarial services, etc.), opening a bank account, ensuring the necessary level of substance for the company (real economic presence in the country of registration);
  • planning the client's transaction flows (including with the use of foreign companies), coordinating planned transactions with the bank and accountant, etc.;
  • full legal support of the client's business activities in Ukraine and abroad.
For development
For development
from 1500 USD
  • Analysis of the current business model;
  • Identification of risks in the current business model;
  • Recommendations aimed at optimizing the existing business model: alternative jurisdictions for registering companies that are part of the group; property restructuring; reorganization of transaction flows; restructuring of a group of companies (“strengthening” certain companies of the group, liquidation of “unnecessary” companies), etc.
  • Implementation of the proposed measures to optimize the current business model: support for the registration of companies in alternative jurisdictions; support of registration of change of ownership structure; work on a package of documents necessary for the reorganization of financial flows; support for the liquidation of “unnecessary” companies.
from 1500 USD
Analysis of existing client issues in order to identify fiscal risks

Development of an action plan, for example:
  • restructuring of a loan into the authorized capital of a Ukrainian company;
  • recommendations regarding the “strengthening” of certain group companies in order to be able to enjoy tax benefits;
  • recommendations for changing contractual terms in certain transactions;
  • restructuring of accounts payable and receivable;
  • restructuring of transaction flows;
  • restructuring of a group of companies;
  • change of ownership structure;
  • recommendations on measures aimed at minimizing the risk of a “permanent establishment” in Ukraine, etc.
Implementation of the proposed action plan.
Real estate transactions
Real estate transactions
from 700 USD
For business
For business
from 800 USD
Digital nomad
Digital nomad
from 800 USD

Business Relocation from Ukraine

If you intend to relocate your business from Ukraine to another jurisdiction, we will offer not only assistance in choosing the country suitable for you in terms of type of activity, planned transactional flows, ownership structure and company management, etc., but we will accompany the entire process of business relocation. Our services include:

  • assistance with registration of the company in the chosen jurisdiction, registration with the tax authorities, opening a bank account and bookkeeping;

  • assistance with the appointment of a director and relocation/recruitment of employees; 

  • drawing up all necessary documents (including legalization of status in the EU, obtaining a residence permit with the right to work, etc.)

  • assistance with the search and lease of office – negotiations with the landlord in order to agree on the most favorable conditions for the client; support of the signing of the lease agreement; 

  • assistance with drafting business contracts so they meet the requirements of local legislation;

  • planning of business operations (in terms of possible tax implications, etc.);

  • full support of the foreign company’s business on a turnkey basis, assistance in solving all the issues that may arise during its commercial activity, communication with an accountant, bank, counterparties, preparation of documents for the bank, solving any operational issues in the process of business activity.

The timeline for each project is individual. It all depends on the complexity of your problem and the desired result.

Tax planning with our lawyers

Corporate tax planning is essential for businesses to minimize tax liabilities and ensure compliance with government regulations. One of the key tasks set before our lawyers when providing legal support for Clients’ business activities is to ensure the optimal tax burden. Effective tax planning for salaried employees can help maximize take-home pay by utilizing available deductions and credits.

The primary task is always the analysis of the Client’s initial data (current ownership structure, functional load of each company, transactional flows), as well as the goals and objectives the Client sets for itself. 

Having analyzed the current structure, we will make strategies on how to restructure it so that it can be easily adapted to the requirements of rapidly changing legislation, as well as to meet the Client’s objectives and ensure the achievement of their goals. 

In the next stage we can accompany the restructuring of the current business model, in accordance with the restructuring plan agreed with the Client.  

Double taxation for Ukrainian business

Very often in the process of conducting commercial activities, Ukrainian businesses have questions related to the double taxation of some kind of income. This occurs when two jurisdictions have the right to tax certain income. 

To illustrate this point, let’s consider some examples of dividends

If the founder of the Ukrainian company is a Cyprus company, the dividends received from the Ukrainian company will be subject to a reduced rate of 5% instead of the standard rate of 15% in Ukraine (subject to the conditions stipulated in the agreement on avoidance of double taxation between Ukraine and Cyprus – the ownership threshold of at least 20% and investment of 100 000 euros). 

Cyprus will not apply taxation by virtue of the fact that Cyprus, in principle, according to the provisions of its domestic legislation, does not charge tax on incoming dividends. If such a tax existed, it would be subject to reduction by the amount of tax paid in Ukraine (reduced by 5%)

Another example. 

If a member of the Cyprus company is a natural person who is a citizen of Ukraine, then when dividends are paid from Cyprus to Ukrainian no tax arises for a Ukrainian citizen in Cyprus (since by virtue of the provisions of local law, Cyprus does not impose tax on the repatriation of outgoing dividends). But in Ukraine you will have to pay 9%+1.5% on received dividends. 

If Cyprus levied tax on outgoing dividends, then we would have to refer to the provisions of the agreement between Ukraine and Cyprus in order to reduce the standard rate of tax on repatriation, provided for by domestic law. Such a treaty provides for 5% (under certain conditions), and in Ukraine we would have to pay the difference between the 5% paid in Cyprus and the 9%. That is, the final tax would be 4% +1.5% in Ukraine. By the way, only personal income tax may be set off, the military fee is not set off since it is not covered by the effect of double taxation treaties. 

And one more example. If a member of the Hungarian company is a citizen of Ukraine, then when paying dividends to non-resident of Hungary, the tax rate on repatriation in Hungary (provided for by domestic law) is 15%. 

According to the agreement between Ukraine and Hungary, it can be reduced to 5% (subject to the threshold of ownership of a share in the Hungarian company of at least 25%). Thus, having paid 5% in Hungary, in Ukraine you would have to pay only 4% (plus 1.5% military tax). 

The same approach applies to any type of income. 

As part of tax optimization and tax consulting, our experts will analyze your situation, and help you not only to find an answer to the question of what taxes you need to pay, but also how to optimize this amount.

Why us

Long-term experience
Long-term experience
We have been working in the Ukrainian market for more than 15 years. This has given us not only invaluable experience in various areas of law, but also a large network of specialists who provide impeccable service to our Clients.
Personalized approach
Personalized approach
Our main task is to identify your goal and find the easiest and most convenient solution for you. You will feel like the one and most beloved Client.
Expertise in international standards and business rules
Expertise in international standards and business rules
We work with different jurisdictions and help to find answers to questions that relate to activities not only in Ukraine but also outside of it.

We are ready to help you!

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Do I have to pay taxes on my Ukrainian income if I move to another country?

Due to military operations, many Ukrainians have moved and settled in other countries since February 2022. But few people think that a long stay in another country may entail the need to pay taxes in that country. In this case, the presence of a Ukrainian passport will not save you from this obligation, because the concepts of “tax residency” and “citizenship” are totally different, and they do not depend on each other. 

To determine tax residency, other criteria are taken into account: 

  • duration of the person’s stay in another country (more than 183 days);

  • the center of life and economic interests (availability of family, business, real estate, movable property, etc.); 

  • a permanent place of residence, etc. 

However, these criteria are different in each country. In most European countries they are quite similar, and in some countries they may differ dramatically (Britain). 

Acquisition of tax residency status entails the need to pay taxes on income from the source all over the world – in the country where the person moved and became a tax resident. For example, if a person moved to Austria, then from the salary received from the Ukrainian employer, as well as from the income from entrepreneurial activities in Austria one will have to pay tax at a progressive rate of up to 55% (depending on the amount of income). At the same time, if in respect of salary income you can count on a credit for taxes paid in Ukraine, the income from entrepreneurial activities are not eligible for a credit, as they are not covered by the agreements on avoidance of double taxation. 

As part of tax consulting, our company offers services for planning the future fiscal burden in such critical decisions for your business as a relocation or restructuring.

Additional services include:

Assistance in selecting a jurisdiction for business relocation: 

  • an overview of the criteria to be used in selecting the right jurisdiction; 

  • analysis of applicable taxation in the selected jurisdiction (income tax, etc.); 

  • ways of financing a new company and possibilities for repatriation of profits (criteria for application of reduced tax rate on repatriation); 

  • recommendations for ensuring a “minimum level of economic presence” in the country of registration; 

  • structuring of trade flows (VAT and its reimbursement, customs clearance of goods in the EU).

Full support for business relocation to another country, including tax planning: 

  • company registration; 

  • supporting the process of relocation of personnel (conclusion of employment agreements, etc.);

  • opening a bank account; 

  • determining the risks for your company in the process of relocation;

  • further full support of commercial activities of the company (development of business contracts, ensuring their compliance with local legislation, coordination with counterparties, etc.). 

Advising on the CFC in Ukraine: 

  • analysis of functional load of foreign companies, type of income, taxes paid in another country in order to make a decision on the possibility of CFC profit exemption in Ukraine; 

  • recommendations for restructuring the client’s business model in order to adapt it to the new requirements of Ukrainian legislation; 

  • assistance with CFC profit declaration in Ukraine and tax calculation.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can a Ukrainian individual entrepreneur open an account abroad and receive income?

Sure, but in most cases this will require personal presence in the country where the bank account is to be opened. First of all, you need to understand the purpose of opening an account and the possibility of charging taxes both in Ukraine and in the country of residence.

Can I use back-to-back loans?

Today, we recommend departing from “mirror loans” in favor of alternative mechanisms, such as the Notional Interest Deduction.

Is it worth participating in the tax amnesty campaign in Ukraine? 

What does tax amnesty mean? 

This is an exemption from liability for violations of the law that existed at the time of 01.01.2021. That is, only those assets and income that were acquired before 01.01.2021 can participate in the amnesty of capital 

Why participate in it? 

This is an opportunity to legalize income (by paying a one-time reduced tax rate of 5%/9%/2.5% compared to the usual rate of 18%) and begin to form the history of the “source of funds”. 

What does the government guarantee? 

There will be no criminal charges and no administrative fines. In addition, confidentiality is guaranteed.

Who can participate? 

Residents and non-residents (who at the moment of receiving the income were residents of Ukraine and had to declare this income)

What can be declared? 

Everything except cash and Russian assets: money in bank accounts, real estate and movable property, stocks, intellectual property, rights of claim, etc.

When should I file the declaration? 

From September 1, 2021 to September 1, 2022, but the deadline will most likely be extended. 

What happens if I don't participate in this campaign? 

Cash assets over UAH 400,000, real estate exceeding the established sizes (120 sq.m. for an apartment, 240 sq.m. for a house, etc.) and movable property (over 1 car) will be considered to be bought from income on which taxes have not been paid (with the appropriate fiscal penalties)

How can we help? 

  • identify the amount of assets that can be declared; 

  • help with determining their value (for determining the tax); 

  • help with calculating the tax liability and completing a tax return; 

  • file a tax return, help with any related questions the tax authorities may have. 

The success of any corporate venture often depends on the effectiveness of its strategic planning and execution. If you are a Ukrainian or foreign entrepreneur who has a business or center of vital interests in Ukraine, this means that you need a qualified and experienced specialist in taxation.

Our lawyers will make a tax strategy that suits you best. We offer you not just consulting, but the development of tax optimization schemes both as individual projects, and for all your business activities.

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