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Tax optimization and tax planning in Ukraine

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Tax planning with our lawyers

Tax planning and optimizations is one of the key points of business activities legal support by our lawyers.

Solutions proposed by our firm are absolutely legal. In order to make them effective as well our experts use:
  • tax advantages of foreign jurisdictions;
  • appropriate defining of subjects of agreements that are entered into with counterparties (this is especially relevant for non-residents in Ukraine and their counter parties);
  • division of business (with reasoning of such division objective need);
  • use of structures with different types of taxation in business activities.
What we do

What is the tax optimization schemes planning?

  •    аudit of Client’s business or detailed examination of its main features;
  •    detection of existing problems;
  •    proposals of already developed / development of new solutions for tax optimization;
  •    implementation of agreed tax optimization schemes along with solving of existing problems (if there are any).

Additional information about the tax optimization strategies

Tax planning which is implemented though lawful tax optimization schemes allows to:

  • increase Client’s business efficiency;
  • avoid implementation of schemes that could possibly attract attention of tax and other authorities;
  • provide maximally proper documentary support of transactions in order to refute possible pretensions of tax and other authorities in future.

Schemes that we use for optimization of Client’s tax expenses have nothing to do with:

  • entrance into fictitious agreements with use of “tax pits”;
  • intentional distortion of information about income of a company;
  • applying of agreements with related persons with unfounded subject and price;
  • other quite popular and illegal ways of taxation minimization.

These tools are not applied by our firm due to the fact that their effectiveness in long term tax planning is doubtful because there is a high probability of detection of them with possible initiation of criminal proceeding under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Evasion of taxes, fees and other obligatory payments”.

Implementation of proposed tax optimization schemes may include: oral or written advising of management of the company, drafting of instructions for staff (may be required on rare occasions), drafting agreements and all the required supplemental documents for each specific scheme, accounting support of transactions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our law firm.

  • Director V. Ryabko, PJSC "Rodos"
    It should be mentioned that cooperation with Law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" means the guarantee of timely and high quality legal support of business activities
  • Director S. Astashev, LLC "Company "Biznes proekt"
    Our experience of work with you in the field of litigation, tax consultations, registration of legal entities and others showed that you can be entrusted not only with ordinary projects but also with those that require creativeness in protection of interests
  • Director A. Sorokin, LLC "ADREM"
    Our experience of work with Law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" allows to assert that lawyers of the firm do not only possess professional qualities but also are ready to listen and understand Client needs
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