Drafting of international trade contracts in Ukraine: firm’s service

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Cost of services:

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Drafting of international trade contracts by our firm includes the following stages:

  • namely drafting of international trade contract / analysis of a contract that is provided for signing to a Client by his counterparty;
  • negotiations with representatives of counterparty about corrections that should be made in an international trade contract (if required);
  • provision of finalized contract with all the required related documents (acts, protocols, etc.).



The cost of drafting of international trade contracts by our lawyers related to preparation of international trade contract is calculated based on time required for service provision.

An average cost of one English/Ukrainian or English/Russian international trade contract preparation by our legal experts does not exceed 6000 UAH.

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Additional information about the drafting of international trade contracts

Drafting of international trade contracts in Ukraine is a separate service within firm’s practice Contract law.

While formalizing international trade relationships we pay special attention to precise classification of provided services (goods), terms of goods supply (acceptance of completed works or provided services), location of conclusion, insurance, determination of tax base, penalties and procedure of dispute settlement as well as number of other issues that are to be thoroughly described in international trade contracts.

Qualification of our lawyers and practical achievements allow us to prepare international trade contracts which satisfy Clients’ interests not only in relationship with counterparties but also in:

  • Tax obligations (tax optimization, compliance of contract stipulations with requirements of tax legislation, others);
  • Customs operations (compliance of contract stipulations with the requirements of customs legislation and them being optimal for customs clearance).

We pay special attention to an appropriate use of terminology that is established in international contractual practice as well as equivalence of different language versions of such contract.

If you want to sign a quality contract according to all the rules of the law - call us!

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