Change of economic activities types

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Cost and term of change of economic activities types for legal entity

Cost of the service is 75 USD.

The service is provided only after full prepayment.

Term of complete registration of the changes to economic activities types is 1 business day.

What we do
  • prepare documents for their subsequent submission to the District State Administration;
  • submit documents to the District State Administration;
  • receive extract from the United State Register.
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List of types of economic activities (in Ukrainian)File size: 1371 Kb, File format: doc
Form #4 (in Ukrainian)File size: 634 Kb, File format: doc

Documents for change of economic activities types for legal entity

  • information about economic activities types that are to be excluded and/or included in accordance with the List of economic activities types;
  • regular copy of extract or state registration certificate.
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Change of economic activities types for legal entities

According to current legislation changes to information about a legal entity (including changing of economic activities types) enter into force only from the day of their state registration.

Typical procedure of Change of economic activities types

Upon notification about willingness to order changing of economic activities types for legal entity registration a legal expert of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” together with a Client agrees on terms of prepayment, how and when the required documents and information are to be provided for preparation of documents drafts and registration of changes to economic activities types.

Upon preparation of documents drafts our legal expert and Client arrange a meeting during which the Client provides originals of all the required documents, signs drafts of prepared documents.

Within the agreed term our firm provides all the documents.

The described typical procedure may be changed to a more suitable for a Client variant.

To receive any additional information related to “Change of economic activities types for legal entities” service contact our legal experts.