Drafting and legal assessment of contracts

Cost of services

1200 UAH / hour
Representation in negotiations
800 UAH / hour
Contract drafting / adjustments to it
Drafting and legal assessment of contracts
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What we offer

  • define possible risks of future cooperation, give an evaluation / estimation of possible partnership and its results;
  • get acquainted with documents provided by the counterparty, examine their authenticity and correctness, conduct study of a contractor before signing of a contract;
  • carry out a legal evaluation of a draft of a contract, which is provided by the counterparty, pay your attention to the provisions in it, which do not correspond to your interests, inform on what to add to the contract;
  • if necessary, prepare a draft of the contract using our own sample database;
  • participate in negotiations, seek to maximally defend the interests of a Client, while not breaking the agreement, if it is generally very interesting for the Client;
  • control a contract on its correct form.


The cost of the service includes a legal support of negotiations and contract drafting

An internal calculation of the cost of services is based on the hourly rates of specialists, who are involved in the work, as well as the actual time spent by them. We provide our Client with detailed reports on this matter.

At the same time, the cost of a draft as a whole, as well as its individual stages, are stipulated in order for the Client to have the opportunity to calculate costs before starting a cooperation.

The minimum cost of a draft in our firm is 1200 UAH (generally, it is not difficult examination of a contract).

Why us

We reach the results maximally protecting the interests of a client
We reach the results maximally protecting the interests of a client
Negotiations and signing of a contract are trades, in which, on the one hand, it is necessary to obtain maximum benefits and guarantees, and on the other hand, not to break the contract itself. This is a very fine line. We understand it and help you to reach the maximum without losing an interesting opportunity due to a little too "legal" approach to contract drafting and negotiations.
Raise client’s competence in contractual questions
Raise client’s competence in contractual questions
When contacting us, a number of Clients believe that signing of a contract is such a formality and it is enough to take a correct sample. In fact, it is very important to consider compliance of a contract with the law, as well as complexity of regulating the situation with it (if all aspects are taken into consideration), adequacy of the “check-and-balance system”. A good contract In case of disputes, a good contract leads the partners at the negotiating table, rather than in court.

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Cost of the service of legal support of negotiations

The service of legal support of negotiations costs 800 UAH.

The cost is calculated taking into consideration that time spending of a lawyer will not exceed 3 hours. Exceeding this time limit is paid additionally.

The service is provided in the presence of the client in the negotiations. Other situations are discussed separately.

A lawyer needs to know legal norms, as well as know dispute resolution practice in this category of contracts, be a psychologist and have advanced communication skills in order to have a result, which you expect, from participation of a lawyer in the negotiations.

The firm "Pravova dopomoga" selects exactly such employees in its team.

If you retain the service "participation of a lawyer in negotiations", you will be provided with a new partner in the person of the counterparty, as well as crystal transparence in documentation.

Participation of a lawyer in the negotiations is necessary

The purpose of any negotiations is partnering, which is confirmed by signing the agreement in legal aspect.

Participation of a lawyer in negotiations is a guarantee of their successful completion with obtainment of expected benefits.

The advantages of participation of a lawyer in negotiations are the following:

  1. Complicated, hours-long negotiations can fatigue even the brightest head, and advice of a competent lawyer, who knows all details of the legislation and the practice of its application, will prove to be very effective.
  2. Presence of a lawyer, his authority always adds power to your side in the eyes of a potential partner.
  3. It is very important and valuable to get a lawyer's advice at the time of the negotiations, rather than after their completion. He can direct them to the course you need, which will undoubtedly bring some benefit to you.
  4. Features of taxation will be explained to you in full for each subsection. Having thorough knowledge of the tax law, a lawyer will tell you what will be cheaper for you and how to do it.
A lawyer can help you in the process of further cooperation with counterparty. For this, you can take advantage of other services provided by our firm.

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