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Return from residence
  • Analyze the documents, analyze the client's situation individually and consult (clarify the essence of the issue and the procedure for action);

  • Check the availability of information on the termination of Ukrainian citizenship and according to open registers;

  • Advise on how to obtain documents for returning to Ukraine, which documents for entering Ukraine can be issued by the consulate and why (if Ukrainian citizenship is confirmed);

  • If necessary, we advise on renewal of Ukrainian citizenship - we recommend a package of services (if Ukrainian citizenship is not confirmed);

  • Registration at the consular institution (if there is such a registration, as well as the availability of free places);

  • We explain the issue of entering Ukraine, submitting documents and obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad;

  • Remote support and clarification of problematic issues at all stages.

*If attorney requests are needed in the process, their cost will be calculated separately.

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Assisted with the issuance of a Ukrainian citizen passport
Successfully processed a Ukrainian citizenship passport upon returning from a permanent residence, specifically from Canada in January 2024.

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